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Mainstream media actively trying to get gun owners murdered by listing their home addresses


by: J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) Fallout from the publication of the names and addresses of some New York handgun permit holders by a local newspaper continues to grow, as shock has turned to outrage amid calls for legal action against the paper’s editors.

As we reported earlier, The Journal News made the incredibly stupid decision to publish the names of handgun-permit holders in Westchester and Rockland counties in New York State.

The paper, which obtained permit-holder information through a Freedom of Information Act request, immediately began figuratively drawing fire from readers and other citizens concerned about the blatant violation of a permit holder’s Fourth Amendment right to privacy – angst which has only exploded since (As an aside, those of you who support gun registration need to consider the distinct possibility that you could be just a FOIA request away from being outed as a gun owner to potential criminals and burglars).

Growing anger

AMI Global Security, which published an article condemning the “massive privacy breach” that is “meant to intimidate the lawful” and “abrogate the Bill of Rights,” gathered just a few of the initial comments:

It is as if they put out an ad to jewel thieves listing the names and addresses of where to find diamonds and cash.

Now everyone knows where the LEGAL GUNS are kept, a valuable piece of information for criminals. Why don’t you do something helpful, like trying to find out where the ILLEGAL GUNS are kept? That would be helpful to the non-criminal population.

If the homeowner is killed or injured, will LOHUD be charged as an accomplice to the crime?

This is CRAZY!! Why in the world would you post every licensed gun owner information?? What do you hope to accomplish by doing this? This is the type of thing you do for sex offenders not law abiding gun owners. What next? Should I hang a flag outside my house that says I own a gun?

The gun owner has an added responsibility to take all measures that their firearms do not fall into the hands of such miscreants. Beside the natural precautions, they cannot permit themselves to fall hostage in trade for access to their firearms locks.

The paper published the names and addresses of legal handgun permit holders in the form of an interactive Web-based map; when you click on a red dot signifying a permit holder, a window box pops up providing the holder’s name and address.

It’s not the first time The Journal News has done something this callous and stupid regarding gun ownership; in 2006 the paper pulled a similar stunt, but only published permit holder’s names and municipalities, not their specific addresses.

“This is what I see,” Scott F. Williams, 41, of Haddon Heights, N.J., near Philadelphia, who served in the Marines as a rifleman, told the paper. “It’s all in the context of the shootings in Newtown … it gets us all talking about gun control. That people are at a heightened concern makes sense to me. I am a gun owner and a pro-Second-Amendment (person). I try to be rational.”

But, continuing, he described the paper’s insane decision to publish names and addresses “highly Orwellian” and simply “mind-boggling.”

“It’s as if gun owners are sex offenders (and) to own a handgun risks exposure as if one is a sex offender. It’s, in my mind, crazy,” he said, according to the paper.

Is publication of names and addresses even legal?

The map and accompanying short story were published under the headline: “The Gun-Owner Next Door: What you don’t know about the weapons in your neighborhood.” In trying to justify their horrendous decision, the paper’s editors explained it stemmed from the recent massacre of 20 Kindergarten children and six adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in nearby Newtown, Conn., in mid-December, and – supposedly – the concern expressed by some area residents about which of their neighbors might have guns (as if it that private information is any of their business).

In our initial coverage of this story we advocated for the affected permit holders to pursue some sort of legal action against this paper for what appears to be a blatant violation of their constitutional right to privacy.

The paper is defending its actions by noting that the information they published was legally obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request. But obtaining information and publishing said information are two separate issues and should be addressed as such.

In that vein, we note that there is nothing in any report regarding this story that says permit holders previously agreed to allow the publication of their names and addresses as part of the process of applying for and obtaining said permit. So we are in the process of attempting to find out; we await answers from Rockland and Westchester counties.

If gun permit holders in these counties are consenting, as part of the application process, to allowing publication of their names and addresses, we’re betting most of them don’t know that – but should.






Perhaps knives should be outlawed in China along with Guns in The U.S  For Our Own Good Of Course?

Or  perhaps  to appease the  self righteous fear mongers  that  are on a mission to control all that  surrounds them?

By Desert Rose


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This is why the US is reported as having the  highest  incidence of gun related violence, because  we actually  have guns.  If we didn’t  then perhaps it  would be highest knife or club violence.  Or perhaps if the phobia and the scapegoating of  gun ownership was dropped  then we would not be the country with the highest  incidence of gun  violence at  all.  perhaps we would take a second seat  to honor killings.  Yet another   crime that  every Country  seems to turn a blind eye to.   Of course  there is also  rape and incest and  pedophilia that are  rampant  throughout the world.  They  do not  take lives in the  sense that a  person literally   dies.  Yet they  do kill. They kill  the spirit and the very soul of that  victim and yet  no one seems to pay  attention to those. There is still a living breathing body  so  their minds and  the destruction that  took place  within that  mind is of no consequence.  Luckily  for the comfort and  convenience of  the self righteous   it cannot be  seen and therefore easily  dismissed.


Is anything meaningful done to protect  these victims?

Of course  not  , because  the important thing is  guns and  gun control .  Lets  not worry  about the  crazies, lets  just  get  rid of all  guns.  Kind of like  cutting off an arm because  a finger  has gangrene.  Sadly,  like with  everything else some  are too  busy  dealing with covering up the symptoms to deal with the true  cause of the  problem. But the reports  are  skewed and twisted to fulfill an agenda and  that  is all that  anyone will report. It has become a very en-vogue topic to   attack the Constitution and the right to bear  arms. Have people lost  all perspective on the fact that for people inclined to hurt others there is nothing that  cannot be used as a weapon to accomplish that  feat?

Or  will we  sometime in the near  future be hearing a call to  ban all knives from China because this crazy man decided to go out and hurt all these innocent children.   He didn’t use a gun because Chinese Citizens are not allowed to own guns.  So then what  could possibly  be  the solution to this dilemma?

Confiscation of all knives?

Knife control and licensing?

Sadly more than likely  in  China as well as all over the world not enough attention will be paid to the underlying cause of all this  death and suffering.  This irrational violence that  takes place all over the world more often than most  would like to admit.  And yet all eyes gravitate toward violent  Americans and their outdated Constitution and their ill  informed people.

The truth is the  deaths  and the injuries  of these  children and  so many  other children and adults like them are victims of APATHY.  The  lack of interest  by  societies in general. that  cannot be bothered to deal with the   distasteful  aspect  of mental illness or homelessness.  It  pushes beyond comfort  levels and that  is a  no-no.  It  requires intellectual as well as  emotional involvement  and most  of those self righteous, we  have to  get  rid of  guns because  they are the root  of  all evil , you  have  no  right to think for yourself , control freaks deem it  necessary.  The way  to begin to fix this problem  is to address the root cause of it.  To stop looking the other  way  when our children or loved ones exhibit mental instability because it is stigmatized  by  society.  To begin demanding that  Doctors  be more responsible in the  way  they  prescribe and monitor the  drugs used to treat mental illness. In  demanding as a global society as the voice of humanity that  mental illness be treated not ignored because it is inconvenient  or an  embarrassment.  It would take too much  of our time, it  is too  depressing, it  is  …. it  is…..  it  is…… and the list  of excuses goes on and on .  Instead it is easier to target the  easy  fix  so that the  work is done for you by the politicians who only  care  about being re-elected and will do  whatever it  takes to ensure that  vote.

Instead   it  is the  easier less involved route  that  is taken to save yourselves  the  need  to become involved  and do more than talk a good  game.  Because  then you would have to actually  do something  other  than  sit  back  and criticize others.

Tell me what  will be next when guns  are  no longer allowed and the killings continue?

Will we  ban  knives because knives  have  been known to kill people.

Will we  ban  pool chemicals because most  of them are caustic and corrosive ?

After all acids have been used to maim and hurt people in the  past.

Better  yet   ban pools so that  those chemicals are no longer necessary ?

Perhaps we will ban  automobiles as well?

They too have been used to kill people . What  better way to secure the  deaths of  several people than to  barrel into a  group  standing on a  sidewalk?

I  know, how about  banning bicycles ?

Everyone knows that   bicycle tires have spokes and when nothing  else is available a murderous rampage can  be accomplished with  the  spokes torn off the wheels.  After  all  we have  already  banned,guns, knives, corrosive  chemicals.  So why  not  bicycles.  After all you are policing the world and their possible penchant  towards murder and mayhem are you  not?

If we are to use your logic then all of these things must  be accomplished. All possibilities of  items being used to harm another human  being eliminated . because anything and everything has the potential to be  used as a deadly  weapon in the  right hands.  And there  we  have  it , for it is  not the item or the weapon that is the problem but the hands in which  they find themselves, that  makes the  difference.  Use that  logic  you claim to have and understand that  you cannot  control  what  you  refuse to acknowledge.  MENTAL ILLNESS is a reality and it  MUST  be  addressed before we can hope to stop this senseless death and  injury.  Anyone who states otherwise is an ignorant  fool at best.

On another note since I  have you  here  I would like to a topic that seems to be coming up quite a bit along  with the gun control and  saving us from ourselves  scenario ……..  America and the  Constitution.

What  is it  about  us  that  makes all of these self righteous sanctimonious know-it-all’s decide that  we need a good preaching to about the evils of gun ownership. Especially  when they  have  never  in their lives owned,  handled or even seen a gun close up.  The  need to tell us how we need to live our lives and constantly  pointing out what is wrong with the way we live our lives because theirs are  so much more righteous. Never mind the fact that  the Fear  Mongering USA that  they love to criticize  and bad mouth is followed by their own corrupt and self serving governments.  Never mind that their self righteous preaching does absolutely nothing to solve the problem at  hand because they are not interested in fixing the problem.They are more interested in control.  Controlling a people that  have had the belief  that  we are  free to do as we wish  as long as we do not hurt  anyone else.

The USA, the Black Sheep of the World Community. The  Rebels that  will not allow themselves to be pushed around or told what  to do or how to do  it. Those who have a living document that enforces these inalienable  rights. History  has proven time and time again that  when  a people  allow themselves to be stripped of their right to  defend themselves their chances of  being decimated by  the repressive government   that took their rights are guaranteed.

Now the  way  I  see it is this………  The  United  States when it was established was an experiment  in democracy.  Nothing quite like it  existed  anywhere else in the world.  For how long was the  US a beacon of Freedom and Liberty to Peoples from all over the World who wanted a better  way  of life?

How long did we as a Nation provide that for  so very  many  who arrived at  our  shores with a  dream and  the  desire to be able to work to achieve it?

That  is exactly what that  dead , defunct or outdated Document  that so many call our Constitution stands for.    One wonders  if they  have ever known what  something like Our  Constitution means to a People.   To have  the history  that  we have and achieved all that  we have as a Nation.  “We  The People” are  extremely  proud of   our   heritage  as Americans.

Has the dream  fallen away  from its  original intent?…….Yes.

Can any other  Nation in the  World point a finger  and say  they are  any  different in their  corrupt governments and  War Mongering ways?  I highly  doubt  it  as every time the US Government decides on  a conflict, War  or intervention most of the other governments   are there  behind them all too eager to participate.

So do me the honor of not insulting my intelligence by  sitting up their on your high  horse thinking that  you are  so much better than we are.  We  have no control over what  our greed driven and power  hungry politicians do.  Just  as  you  have no power over   yours.  So let  us  face  facts and understand that   you are not more righteous than  we simply  because you  believe to be so,  in your simplistic  and self righteous minds.

For a very long time the  American  people were  known and recognized for their generosity and  eagerness to lend a helping hand to those in need.  The world has  changed. It  has become a colder, harder place.  However it  is not restricted to  America.  It  is the entire world that  has  changed.  Something intrinsic within some of us  has been twisted and we have lost  our  way.  There  are  some , however, who still believe in the old values the old rules and the need to be good people in  spite of the  corruption that  surrounds us.  We are   neither defined by the corrupt  government  that represents us throughout  the world.  Nor are we represented by the society  that  claims to dictate how we should live our lives.

We  are  those who still believe in the goodness of people and a righteous life where we extend  our hand to those less fotunate  and  give them a helping hand so that  they  may be encouraged  and assisted in establishing and creating their own dream in this Nation we call our home.  These are  the principles that drove the  creators  of that  Living document   “We  The People ”  call our  Constitution .  The  very  same document  you  call dead and outdated.  I  take great exception to the use of that  term when it comes to  our  Constitution because it has for the span  of this Nations existence represented  and embodied the difference between the country that  they  broke away  from and  the  Republic they  established.

Yes it has changed throughout the  years.  However what  has not changed , what  will never change in the minds and the hearts  of the People of America is that IT  represents the freedoms  they  fought so hard to secure for us.  The knowledge that  those freedoms were not just  given to us  , they  were  fought  and in some cases died for.   Freedoms secured for us  by the blood of the Founding Fathers and every  member of the armed forces after them.  It means something to us so please refrain from  telling me it is dead and outdated , because I will have  none of that.

Our people may  be asleep, but  when  that giant  awakens and realizes in full what they  have  allowed to progress as they  slumbered unawares   their will be a  reckoning.  That  reckoning will be supported and encouraged  by  OUR  CONSTITUTION and anyone  who stands in the  way  of that  will have to deal with the  full fury  of  the sleeping Giant.  That includes our  right to bear arms and defend ourselves and our  way  of life from anyone who would  dare threaten it, be they  foreign or domestic.  Do not disregard us for as a people we are becoming aware  of  what  is   taking  place and  how we  have been lulled into a sense of  security and complacency.  It has  been slower than most  would have liked,but it is taking place and we are beginning to push  back and when the time comes we will be true to the spirit  of that  living   document and  remove all doubts  as to what  it truly  means  in  our minds and hearts.

Like it  or not  The Constitution  is a living document  because it lives within those of us who hold it dear  and  believe in the  premise that  it represents.  If this is something you  do not like or cannot  abide then please do me the honor of taking it to someone  who cares  what  you  have  to say  . Otherwise respect me, my fellow countrymen and women and  the LIVING document that represents  our  way  of life.  I am not asking you  to believe in  it………I  am demanding that  you  respect the  fact that  I do!

Chinese Man Who Stabbed 23 Kids ‘Affected’ by Doomsday Rumors

Later official report suggested Eastern Lightning sect had something to do with it

By Jack Phillips
Epoch Times Staff Created

This picture taken on Dec. 16, 2012 shows a nurse and a woman attending to a girl lying on a hospital bed after she was stabbed during a knife attack that took place on Dec. 14 at a primary school in Guangshan county, in central China's Henan province. A suspect in the attack was detained on Monday. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

This picture taken on Dec. 16, 2012 shows a nurse and a woman attending to a girl lying on a hospital bed after she was stabbed during a knife attack that took place on Dec. 14 at a primary school in Guangshan county, in central China’s Henan province. A suspect in the attack was detained on Monday. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Chinese officials said they arrested the suspect who allegedly stabbed 23 children in a primary school last Friday, saying that he was “strongly psychologically affected by rumors of the upcoming end of the world,” state-run media reported.

Min Yongjun, “a long-term epilepsy sufferer,” was arrested Monday for the stabbings of the nearly two dozen children and one elderly person in Chenpeng village in Guangshan county, Communist Party mouthpiece Xinhua said. He used a kitchen knife to stab an elderly woman before he ran off to a school to attack the children.

Specifically, state-run media said that Min was influenced by the end of the world predictions associated with the end of the Mayan calendar on Dec. 21, 2012.

“I learned from the media two years ago that killing children would get me on TV,” Min said, according to the Communist Party-backed newspaper The Global Times.

Before the attack, Min said that he was locked in his house by his father after he had an epileptic seizure, but eventually fled his house on Thursday night, according to the newspaper.


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