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It’s not the water supply. It’s the plumbing.

<span class='image-component__caption' itemprop="caption">In this Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015 photo, Genetha Campbell carries free water being distributed at the Lincoln Park United Methodist Church in Flint, Mich, Since the financially struggling city broke away from the Detroit water system last year, residents have been unhappy with the smell, taste and appearance of water from the city’s river as they await the completion of a pipe to Lake Huron. They also have raised health concerns, reporting rashes, hair loss and other problems. A General Motors plant stopped using the water, saying it was rusting its parts. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)</span> ASSOCIATED PRESS In this Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015 photo, Genetha Campbell carries free water being distributed at the Lincoln Park United Methodist Church in Flint, Mich, Since the financially struggling city broke away from the Detroit water system last year, residents have been unhappy with the smell, taste and appearance of water from the city’s river as they await the completion of a pipe to Lake Huron. They also have raised health concerns, reporting rashes, hair loss and other problems. A General Motors plant stopped using the water, saying it was rusting its parts. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

DETROIT (AP) — A public health emergency has been declared in cash-strapped Flint after tests showed the Michigan city’s water supply is causing elevated levels of lead in children and following months of complaints about the smell and taste.

Gov. Rick Snyder this week questioned the switch to the Flint River from the Detroit water system in 2014, a decision that was made as a cost-saving move while a new regional pipeline is built to Lake Huron.

And on Thursday, the Genesee County health department declared a public health emergency, recommending that people not drink the water unless it has been filtered and tested to rule out elevated levels of lead. More steps will be announced Friday.

The problem: Although the river water is treated, it is corrosive and releasing lead from old plumbing in thousands of homes.

A coalition of residents and national groups petitioned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to order the state to reconnect Flint to Detroit water.

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Published on Feb 8, 2014

This research in the public interest is being pioneered by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, of Share the results and EAT CLEAN FOOD!



Some natural products companies now engaging in consumer fraud over heavy metals found in their products


Wednesday, February 19, 2014
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) Perhaps I shouldn’t be so easily amused, but I can hardly stop laughing at the theatrical attempts by some people in the natural products industry to convince their customers that eating heavy metals is good for you. Granted, most companies in the natural health space are very ethical and responsible. They are becoming more and more aware of the heavy metals issue in their products and they are taking steps right now to source cleaner materials and provide more transparency to customers. But some companies are still in a state of total denial over heavy metals. In the aftermath of my own science-based findings of significant concentrations of heavy metals in popular “superfood” products, some of these companies are now attempting to push sheer delusions onto their own customers, claiming that heavy metals are good for you.

It all sounds almost exactly like vaccine companies — “Mercury in flu shots improves brain performance!” — or biotech firms like Monsanto who say “GMOs and glyphosate are harmless! Eat more!”

And yet, as I’m sure you will agree, the strange idea that heavy metals are safe to eat (apparently at any dose) is wholly inconsistent with the core principles and beliefs of health-conscious consumers. The very basis of the entire organic industry, natural products industry and superfoods industry is that it DOES matter what you eat!

Pseudoscience excuses

What we’re really finding is that the issue of heavy metals is rapidly separating genuine health-conscious industry leaders from the hucksters who hope you can be manipulated into eating more of their products that contain lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium.

They’ve got all sorts of bizarre, pseudoscientific arguments for denying the harm of heavy metals. One person whose products contain heavy metals is now publicly claiming that heavy metals are trace minerals that your body needs. I’m even wondering if he will soon come out with a “Heavy Metals Vitamin” product so you can meet your daily requirement for lead and mercury. It starts to sound a lot like the “energy-boosting radiation pills” sold by charlatans in the early 20th century.

Another argument organized by one particular industry group claims that you can eat all the heavy metals you want because your body doesn’t absorb them anyway. Somehow, your body absorbs iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium, calcium and copper, but according to these people, your body magically and selectively does not absorb all the “bad metals” which are found in their own products.

By what digestive miracle such selective absorption takes place is never explained, of course. Perhaps selective absorption is invoked with a magic wand waved over the contaminated food before consuming it.

How can concentration not matter?

Another central argument from the heavy metals deniers is that concentrations don’t matter. If 50 ppb of a heavy metal is considered safe, then 500 ppb or even 5,000 ppb must also be safe too, they ridiculously argue.

Such a position is, of course, complete nonsense. Concentration is the single most important factor in determining toxicity for an element or chemical. The higher the concentration of a toxic element, the greater the risk of harm.

This is especially true considering the massive quantities of superfoods or natural products which are regularly consumed by millions of consumers. In the popular category of proteins, a typical one-scoop serving is 23 grams. Some readers told us on Facebook that they would eat six scoops a day. If the protein they are eating happens to contain just 2 ppm cadmium, 0.5 ppm lead and 10 ppm tungsten, this means their daily intake of these metals is:

• 276 micrograms of cadmium
• 69 micrograms of lead
• 1,380 micrograms of tungsten

To argue that the routine consumption of these levels of heavy metals has no health consequence whatsoever is beyond irresponsible. It is fraudulent, and it smacks of precisely the kind of quackery the scientific skeptics routinely accuse natural products companies of practicing.

In part, they are actually correct. There is unfortunately some level of fraud in the natural products industry just like you find in the pharmaceutical industry, vaccine industry and the dog food industry. At the same time, there are also ethical, responsible companies who go to tremendous lengths to ensure the purity and safety of their products. In fact, I’ve gone out of my way to publicize the really clean products we’ve tested such as One World Whey proteins from Synergistic Nutrition as well as all the incredibly clean iodine products across many brands.

So the argument that heavy metals don’t matter in natural products is immediately devoid of any ethical or scientific standing. Of course heavy metals matter. If Brand A of chocolate chips contains 1000 ppb lead, while Brand B chocolate chips contain no lead (but are otherwise equivalent), which brand is safer for your children to consume on a regular basis? The obvious and correct answer is Brand B. Reducing exposure to dietary toxins is always the right choice. And personally, I would really question the ethics and even the scientific grasp of anyone who argues that reducing exposure to dietary toxins doesn’t matter in the least.

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Obama’s ‘clandestine’ plan to make bullets vanish


Former U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., is joining the National Rifle Association and other gun-rights groups to warn about a back-door attack on the Second Amendment by the Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency.

Ex-Rep. Allen B. West, R-Fla.

In a column posted on his website Sunday, West wrote about the Doe Run company’s lead-producing plant in Herculaneum, Mo., which is being forced to close after the EPA required it to spend up to $100 million on upgrades.

Doe Run, the last primary lead smelter in the United States, has been around since 1892 but is closing on Dec. 31.

West accused Obama of using the EPA to advance “backdoor gun control … while we are all distracted with Obamacare and Iran nuclear negotiations.”

West argued the Obama administration’s “new extremely tight air-quality restrictions” have led to the end of lead as the primary metal in bullets — making ammunition much more expensive and less accessible and leaving America no choice but to turn to overseas operations to produce lead bullets, a situation West says is akin to a federal power grab on guns.

“Come 2014, all ammunition sold to civilian gun owners in America will have to be imported, a result of President Obama’s crackdown on sulfur dioxide and lead emissions and accompanying harsh Environmental Protection Agency regulations,” wrote West.

The Doe Run smelter opened in 1892/Photo: KBIA

“[This] will surely increase the price and possibly come under government control,” Mr. West warned, according to a report. “It seems this is fully in concert with the U.S. military and Homeland Defense recent purchase of large quantities of ammunition.”

He said the “chilling effect” is that while the closure of the smelt plant doesn’t take guns out of the hands of Americans, it does put in jeopardy ammunition supplies.
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Backdoor gun control is here: no lead means no bullets

Written by Allen West on December 1, 2013

I am one who steers very clear of tinfoil hat conspiracy theories. I often believe progressives plant stories in order to distract and disrupt, enabling them to pursue their true goals and objectives. That’s why I stress the importance of staying focused on the modern liberal socialist policies of the Obama administration, not the sideshow antics.

However, as a former combat commander, I have been trained to look for trends. And I believe we’ve found a very disturbing one. it seems that back door gun control is in full effect in the United States. Why? Thanks to Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), we can no longer smelt lead from ore in the United States.

The first contact the EPA made with The Doe Run Lead Smelter in Herculaneum, Missouri (population 2,800) was in 2008 but it was in 2010 that the EPA finally forced Doe Run to plan a shut down. This plant has been in operation since 1892 but will finally close its doors this month. It was the last lead smelting plant in the US.

The closedown is due to new extremely tight air quality restrictions placed on this specific plant. President Obama and his EPA raised the regulations by 10 fold and it would have cost the plant $100 million to comply.

In response to the Doe Run lead smelter shutdown, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said the Doe Run Company “made a business decision” to shut down the smelter instead of installing pollution control technologies needed to reduce sulfur dioxide and lead emissions as required by the Clean Air Act.

Of course this is why we need serious regulatory reform that precludes executive agency fiat, especially regulation implementation that exceeds a certain adverse financial impact to a private sector business.

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Published on Jul 21, 2012 by

credits to both junebloke for video footage on the dispersion of Cesium-137 in the pacific for the next 10 years (forecast) on youtube and RT for the audio
Link to subscribe to junebloke on the dispersion of cesium 137 in the pacific ocean here
06.07.2012 太平洋放射能汚染10年間予想図 The data of the modeling of Distribution of the radioactive contamination in the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima by the GEOMAR | Helmholtz-Zentrum für Ozeanforschung Kiel up to 10 years after disaster.
*The GEOMAR | Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research, Kiel is one of the leading institutions in the field of marine research in Europe. The Institute is the study of the chemical, physical, biological and geological processes in the ocean and its interaction with the seabed and the atmosphere.

and the usual bullshit Ohi – love hate relationship between fault lines, nuclear reactors, and culture.

Oh, and a subcontractor of TEPCO (so tepco won’t be held MORE liable) suggested to either (admittedly 9 – 12 workers) to cover their dosimeters – you know- those pesky “glass badges” kindergardeners wear to kindergarden near Fukushima radioactive fallout zones – Cover them with LEAD SO THE READINGS WILL SHOW LOWER – OR YOU WILL BE FIRED… yep, that situation…

Great exert from song courtesy of TheCorrectView (Sam he is 🙂 He’s on top of Fukushima also… view full video here
he’s a cool cat, subscribe 🙂

and the usual headline updates Latest Headlines:

Film crew gets tested after “bizarre” incident in high radiation area — “I’ve never been this nervous in my life” (VIDEO)

Tepco knew lead shields were made to cover dosimeters of Fukushima workers — Boss admits to making them use covers, claims he was frightened of radiation alarms

Criminal? Fukushima Daiichi workers told to rip open radiation protection suits and insert lead plates — “Make sure nobody sees what you are doing” — Threatened with being fired

Fukushima Daiichi workers ordered to cover dosimeters with lead plates (PHOTO)

Fuel assemblies placed in special container after cleaning, not yet transferred into shared pool — No “major abnormality” in external appearance or radiation levels

Nuclear Engineer: New fuel is highly reactive, easier to go critical than spent fuel — Bad situation if assemblies are damaged (VIDEO)

Expert on BBC: Like setting off a nuclear bomb in Eastern Europe? Fire fears for dying radioactive tree plantations around Chernobyl

French Physicist: Fukushima spent fuel pools miraculously survived — Unit No. 4 a constant source of worry (AUDIO)

Asahi: Fukushima meltdowns seen by many in Japan as nation’s great debacle — Worse than atomic bombings

‘Unusual Move’: Japan ex-Prime Minister joins ever-bigger crowds at weekly Tokyo protest — Fresh sign ruling party is fracturing

Kyodo: Tokyo area officials blast gov’t decontamination, “An empty promise” — Little progress made in cleaning up radioactive soil

Removed fuel assemblies 100 times more radioactive than normal — Tepco worker thinks it’s from before 3/11

Massive Demonstrations Working in Japan? AFP: Size and regularity of events giving gov’t pause — Prime Minister: “Nuclear energy is becoming an issue that divides the nation”, says he will “listen attentively”

Reuters: Head of Tepco ‘shocked’ people are concerned about No. 4 fuel pool — ‘Baffled’ by criticism of company’s role in Fukushima disaster

NYTimes: Radioactive cloud would be ‘trapped’ over Los Angeles and San Diego in case of Fukushima-style meltdown at California nuke plant -Study

M4.5 quake hits Fukushima — Third M4 in last 24 hours

Tepco completes covering seafloor with layers of cement mix — More coating used at Reactors 5 & 6 than for Reactors 1, 2, 3 & 4 combined (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

Lead scientist surprised by Japan data: Fukushima plant still leaking radiation into ocean?

Tepco: No ‘major’ deformation or corrosion seen so far in removed fuel assemblies (VIDEO)

WSJ speculates: “Is process of emptying the Unit 4 pool starting?” — Will Tepco continue taking out more racks? — Law forbids disclosing when nuclear fuel is moved

Fukushima “was almost Biblical” says top US nuclear official — Horrifying… “It’s forever changed me”

UK newspaper reports on Fukushima children with abnormal thyroid growths

High levels of lead found in Indian Ocean

by Staff Writers
Cambridge, Mass. (UPI)

Terra Daily


disclaimer: image is for illustration purposes only

U.S. researchers say they have discovered high concentrations of lead in the Indian Ocean despite leaded gasoline having been slowly phased out worldwide.

While leaded gasoline usage has decreased drastically in the last few decades, lead is still pervasive in the environment, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology reported.

MIT ocean geochemist Ed Boyle has been tracking lead and other trace elements in Earth’s oceans for the past 30 years and recently has analyzed water and coral samples from the Indian Ocean, using the coral to trace the history of anthropogenic lead over the last 50 years.

Lead concentrations in the Indian Ocean are now higher than in the northern Atlantic and northern Pacific oceans, Boyle and students from MIT’s Trace Metal Group said.

One reason, Boyle said, could be that Asian and African countries were behind North America and Europe both in industrialization and then in phasing out leaded gasoline.

The Indian Ocean has had less time than the Atlantic and Pacific to dissipate lead pollution as a result, he said.

Reconstructing a history of lead in the Indian Ocean over the last 50 years, the researchers found lead levels began to increase in the mid-1970s, consistent with the region’s pattern of industrialization and leaded gasoline use.

“It is an indication of the human footprint on the planet that essentially all the lead in the oceans now is from human activities,” Boyle said in an MIT release. “It’s very hard to find a trace of the lead that’s there naturally.”

Today, 185 countries have stopped using leaded gasoline.

Studies have shown lead can cause neurological and cardiovascular damage.


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Imported Candies With Too Much Lead

Three candies are being recalled after tests conducted by the California Department of Public Health found they exceed California standards for lead.The recalled candies are:- Chef’s Pride Rewadi Candy imported from Pakistan and packaged in a 7 oz. semi-round, clear plastic container with a red twist-off lid. The front label is light brown with a green border. The oval-shaped candy…


Allergen Alert: Egg in Streusel Pie Topping

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Price Chopper Supermarkets is recalling its Price Chopper Bakery five- and eight-inch apple, blueberry, cherry and peach streusel pies because the streusel topping contains eggs, an allergen not listed on the ingredient label.The product is safe to eat for those…

Allergen Alert: Cookies With Milk

Price Chopper Supermarkets is recalling its Price Chopper Bakery five- and eight-inch apple, blueberry, cherry and peach streusel pies because the streusel topping contains eggs, an allergen not listed on the ingredient label.The product is safe to eat for those not allergic to eggs.Price Chopper customers who purchased these pies are being notified via the company’s Smart Reply notification program,…

Tyson Foodservice Pizza Topping Recalled

Tyson Prepared Foods of South Hutchinson, KS is recalling approximately 12,060 pounds of pizza topping because of the packaging identifies an ingredient as beef, but it actually is pork. Additionally, the pork contains soy, a potential allergen, which is not listed on the label.The discrepancies were reported by a product purchaser. There have been no reports of adverse reactions.This Class…


FDA warns of poisoned cosmetics

Women in at least seven states may have been unwittingly slathering poison on their faces by using mercury-tainted cosmetics, the Food and Drug Administration warned today. The products, usually used for lightening skin, are sold as soaps, skin creams, and lotions. Full story

Superbug infections spilling out into the community

CHICAGO — Many patients infected by the deadly superbug Clostridium difficile, long thought to be contracted mainly during hospital stays, are already exposed when they are admitted to the hospital, U.S. infectious disease experts said on Tuesday.


Diesel exhaust in mines linked to lung cancer

WASHINGTON — There’s new evidence that exposure to exhaust from diesel engines increases the risk of lung cancer.


‘Spice’ drug tied to kidney failure cases in Wyoming

Three young people have been hospitalized with kidney failure and a dozen others sickened in Casper, Wyoming, in an outbreak linked to a batch of the designer drug Spice, authorities said on Friday.


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And check out for the free ‘7 Secrets For Shaping Up Your Healthy Eating Habits’.

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