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Astragalus has been used over 2,000 years in the Traditional Chinese Medical System as one of the most potent tonic herbs.  Astragalus is a herbaceous perennial plant of the pea family mostly support immune system function and protect the liver and heart. Also can protect DNA and increase longevity. Contains bioflavonoids, choline and a polysaccharide, astragalan B, amongst other active ingredients. Astragalan B controls bacterial infection, viruses.

Halts Aging

Substances within astragalus root (called cycloastragenols and astragalosides) can slow the aging process by activating telomerase enzyme production. Within your DNA, there are small strands called telomeres that keep your cells from unraveling. Astragalus root extracts help extend the life of your telomeres, making you look younger and slowing down the aging process on a cellular level.

Decompose Cancer

Astragalus is Chinese herb which is used to treat liver cancer. This herb helps to restore the immune functions in cells. Take astragalus in the form of supplements of tea. You may prepare a mixture by boiling 4oz. of astragalus root in a quart of water. Drinking this mixture twice a day helps to reduce the size of tumor in liver.

Kidney Health

A regular kidney cleanse helps remove buildup, and herbs such as astragalus can help support health of the kidney itself. In some studies, researchers have discovered that astragalus offers protective effects against kidney disease. The more wastes removed, the younger and healthier the body.

Repair DNA Damage

The Astragalus herb protect and repair any existing DNA damage you may have. During the DNA replication process, telomeres keep the DNA together. Every time DNA replicates, the telomeres get slightly shorter and eventually when they get small enough, the process of cell death begins. Research has linked this process of cell death to aging and cancer.

Other Health Benefits of Astragalus Root

Helps with heart disease and high blood pressure 3/4
Reduces inflammation
Aids digestion
Improves liver function
Boosts the immune system
Treats burns and abscesses
Prevent common colds
Respiratory infections
Fibromyalgia Pain
Cure Anemia
Prevent Kidney disease



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