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Nuclear Event USA State of Illinois, [Dresden Nuclear Power Plant] Damage level Details




Nuclear Event in USA on Monday, 14 April, 2014 at 04:45 (04:45 AM) UTC.

Damage to an electrical transformer caused one reactor to shut down automatically at a northern Illinois nuclear power plant over the weekend. Unit 2 at the Dresden Nuclear Station shut down Saturday morning, and it remained offline on Sunday as crews worked to fix the damage. Dresden spokesman Robert Osgood says the problem is on the non-nuclear side of the plant. He says the plant responded as expected, and there was no safety threat. He says a second reactor is operating normally, and electrical customers will not be affected. The plant is in Morris, about 60 miles southwest of Chicago,







 Dresden 25 Mile Radius Fallout Map

Radiation Plume RatingThe center of this Toxic Plume is located approximately 60 miles southwest of Chicago, Illinois. This plume is produced by 2 reactors located at the Dresden Nuclear Power Plant site. The reactors that produce this plume have 1,734 Mega Watts of radiation generating power. There is a total of 1,050 tons of Highly Toxic Radioactive spent fuel stored at this Nuclear Power Plant. The Dresden Nuclear 1 reactor has been forced into permanent shut down, leaving the plant in a virtually unattended state. During one winter, this unit experienced containment flooding to the service water system, due to freeze damage. It was determined that a similar threat to Spent Fuel Pool integrity. Tritium leaks at the other units in this plant are treated with the same lack of concern that Nuclear Power corporations give all leaking radiation.

Dresden 25 Mile Radius Fallout Plume Map



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