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Copahue volcano, quiet at the surface, today (SERNAGEOMIN webcam)


Volcano Activity MultiCountries Argentina and Chile (Andes), [Copahue Volcano] Damage level Details



Volcano Activity in MultiCountries on Saturday, 22 March, 2014 at 05:22 (05:22 AM) UTC.

SERNAGEOMIN raised the alert level of the volcano to orange yesterday after an increase in seismic activity. A pulse of volcanic tremor was detected that could indicate magma moving into the volcano’s plumbing system. On the surface, no unusual activity has been seen at the volcano so far, except that an increase in SO2 emissions (approx 2,300 tons / day) was measured. This supports the idea that magma has risen under the edifice. Whether this activity is followed by new eruptive activity remains to be seen. In most cases, intrusions of magma under volcanoes do never reach the surface, i.e. produce eruptions. ONEMI (Civil Defense) published a bulletin stating that civil alert remains at yellow for the highest risk areas, in particular the most proximal areas around the volcano itself, but also include the city of Alto Biobío located 40 km west of the volcano, because it is at the mouth of a valley that drains Copahue on the north side and therefore, a potential pathway for mud flows that could occur during an eruption.


Volcano Discovery

Copahue volcano

stratovolcano 2997 m / 9,833 ft
Chile/Argentina, -37.85°S / -71.17°W

Copahue webcams / live data
Copahue volcano videos
Copahue volcano eruptions:
2013, 2012, 2001(?), 2000, 1992, 1961, 1937, 1867(?), 1759(?), 1750
Typical eruption style:
Last earthquakes nearby


Wednesday, Mar 12, 2014
The volcano continues to show signs of unrest. A swarm of volcanic-tectonic earthquakes occurred the day before yesterday. SERNAGEOMIN keeps the alert level of the volcano at Yellow. [more]


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