Rescued Labrador retriever ‘Manny’ dies in his sleep

Manny died in his sleep early Friday morning
A Purposeful Rescue

March 14, 2014

Frightened, shaking senior dog, Manny who was rescued by A Purposeful Rescue because his former owner thought the dog was too old, quietly passed away at his foster home early Friday morning.

Not even a day ago, Manny left the Lancaster, Calif. county shelter by the front door with his foster mommy; his tail wagging, and even a tiny bounce to his step.

No sooner did he arrive at his foster home, Manny headed right to the dog bed and fell asleep. On Friday morning, Manny was to be examined by a veterinarian, receive a bath, and enjoy a good brushing.

Sadly, that didn’t happen. Instead, a statement from the Facebook page of A Purposeful Rescue announced the following news:

“I don’t even know how to write this as it breaks my heart on so many levels. Manny passed away in his sleep early this morning. On a soft bed with his foster mama on the couch next to him. He just left us-just like that. There was so much more we wanted to show him-a life he probably never even realized existed. Just two nights ago I was on my couch weeping over a video of him in the Lancaster Shelter and was planning an escape route for him. Today he is gone and he has left so many with broken hearts. Honestly, I am still in a bit of shock.”

Most likely the stress of the entire situation was a main factor in Manny’s death, but he died peacefully and fully aware that he was safe.

Please be sure to watch Manny’s freedom video by clicking here.

Rest in peace Manny. You will always be remembered.

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