Meet Possum and his friend Chipmunk. Possum is blind and Chipmunk is his "seeing eye" companion.

February 23, 2014

The special feline combination adds up to 18 lives, and Possum and his friend Chipmunk are apt to enjoy years and years of cat play, curiosity, and a special bond according to the Peggy Adams Rescue League in West Palm Beach, Fla.

Possum is a blind kitten, and Chipmunk is Possum’s “seeing eye” cat who also serves as his companion’s mentor; teaching Possum all those cool things cats learn as they pass through the excitement of “kittenhood.”

Where one would expect a kitten to be confused, disoriented, and alone, Chipmunk and Possum are inseparable, playful, and absolutely adorable.

Many thanks to their foster mom, Susan Vanison-Oddo, the dynamic duo are ready to be adopted, but they must be placed together.

Amy Webb Perdue, of West Palm Beach, shared her personal experience with blind cats stating:

“Our older cat lost his sight and the younger has stepped up to help. Before this they barely tolerated one another. Wish humans could be as compassionate!”

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