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Image: Police officers from Lviv who joined anti-government protesters appear on a stage in Kiev's Independence Square DAVID MDZINARISHVILI / Reuters

Police officers from Lviv, Ukraine, appear on a stage after joining protesters in Kiev’s Independence Square on Friday.

Dozens of Ukrainian Police Defect, Vow to Protect Protesters

By James Novogrod

KIEV, Ukraine – About 40 police officers defected to Ukraine’s opposition and marched into the heart of the protest encampment in the Kiev on Friday, the day after violent clashes between demonstrators and security forces killed dozens.

“We wear this uniform, and in this uniform I made a vow to be a servant of the Ukrainian people,” said Col. Vasyl Krykovskiy, the head of police in the district of Lviv. “I just have to be here and protect these people.”

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