Monster 75 FOOT wave smashes into BRITISH coast: Atlantic superstorm to hit UK TOMORROW

Published: Thu, February 6, 2014

A record wave has just hit Britain but forecasters warn far worse is coming A record wave has just hit Britain but forecasters warn far worse is coming [STEPHAN SLATER]

The largest wave ever seen in British waters was recorded at 3.30am yesterday by a buoy operated by the Plymouth Coastal Observatory at Porthleven, Cornwall.

The beast destroyed the previous record British wave of 67ft and forecasters warned it was only the beginning of 72 hours of storm hell.

It came as experts recommended a TSUNAMI warning system be installed in the Atlantic to protect Britain and Ireland from enormous waves they claimed were ‘increasingly likely’.

The UK was battered by 90mph winds and torrential rain again overnight – but by far the most violent storm forecast in recent times is yet to hit with widespread damage and disruption expected in the coming days.

Parts of a key railway line were destroyed and nearly 10,000 homes were left without power as the brutal weather wreaked havoc yesterday.

Police helicopters were scrambled to help evacuate 150 properties in the Somerset flooding danger zone as David Cameron set up a £100million emergency fund to assist communities in coping with the crisis.

Winds of 105mph were recorded on the Isles of Scilly, off Cornwall while one pub in Chesil Beach, Dorset was completely submerged by a giant 60ft wave.

weather warnings, weather warning, uk storm, atlantic storm, waves, waveHuge waves approach the three-storey Cove House Inn at Chesil Beach in Dorset… [KNS NEWS]
wave, waves, giant wave, weather warning, weather warnins, uk weather…before the entire pub is submerged beneath a giant 60ft wave [KNS NEWS]

This is a very destructive and powerful storm heading towards the UK

Jonathan Powell, from Vantage Weather Services

The latest storms saw Dawlish in Devon bear the brunt of the damage – with shocked locals claiming it felt like “the end of the world”.

Resident Robert Parker said: “It was like an earthquake.

“I’ve been in some terrible storms in the North Sea but last night was just a force of nature.”

Another local, Jeff Deacon, added: “This is surreal. I’ve never seen anything like this. There’s debris all over the road – it’s like a war zone.”

A 100ft stretch of seawall in the town collapsed into the swirling waters, leaving the railway line hanging in mid-air.

Nature, weather, Dawlish, Devon, rail, seawallDawlish, Devon in its normally tranquil state [APEX]
weather warning, weather warnings, storm, uk storm, uk atlantic storm…and yesterday, after the sea wall and railway collapsed [PA]

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