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Aerial footage released by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society appears to show the bloodied remains of three minke whales

By Hannah Strange

Activists have captured rare images of protected whales slaughtered by a Japanese fleet in what is said to be an internationally recognised ocean sanctuary, offering a stark insight into Japan’s secretive but much-criticised whaling practices.

The bloodied carcasses of three minke whales lie on the deck of the Japanese ship Nisshin Maru in the aerial shots and footage taken by the anti-whaling campaign group, Sea Shepherd, as its vessels pursued the fleet through the Southern Ocean. The group said a fourth whale had already been killed.

“There’s three carcasses on the ship, a fourth carcass has been cut up. There’s blood all over the place, meat being carted around on this factory ship deck, offal and innards being dumped in the ocean,” said Bob Brown, chairman of Sea Shepherd Australia

“That’s just a gruesome, bloody, medieval scene which has no place in this modern world.”

The images, purportedly taken inside the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, drew international opprobium and renewed calls for Japan to end the controversial whaling programme which critics say is endangering populations of the marine mammals.


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