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Published on Nov 15, 2013

via Spent fuel pools at 400 nuclear power plants globally are being stuffed with ever hotter, more radioactive, more dangerous nuclear waste, with plan on what to do with it from there.

This nuclear trash is so radioactively ‘hot’, so dangerous, that no one even knows what to do with it, so it just sits there. Yet, it is also a weapon of mass destruction, because if anything happens to take out the power to this spent fuel pool, it will boil dry and then catch on fire in a matter of hours, releasing 1,300 weapons of mass destruction on millions of people. That nuclear trash needs to get the H#* out of there. It is highly vulnerable to terrorist attack, tsunamis, earthquakes, or power failure, just as ALL nuclear plants are.

Decommissioning San Onofre and the Ongoing Dangers of Nuclear Waste — San Onofre, The Risks Live On…a community symposium held October 19, 2013 in San Clemente, California.

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