Global Frackdown action: LIVE UPDATES

Published time: October 19, 2013 10:11
Edited time: October 19, 2013 21:20
People demonstrate in streets of Montelimar, southern France, on October 19, 2013, to protest against the exploitation of shale gas and oil. (AFP Photo / Jeff Pachoud)

Saturday, October 19

21:19 GMT: Protesters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania demand: “Stop fracking in PA.”

Rallying across the Raritan River to @GovChristie

19:41 GMT:

The people are marching through the streets of Pittsburgh today for . | |

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Frackdown Day: Worldwide protest to end shale gas extraction


Published on Oct 19, 2013

Global Frackdown Day is on – Saturday marks a worldwide protest, uniting all activists who want to put an end to shale gas extraction. ‘Fracktivists’, as they’re called, are urging their governments to stand up to the oil and gas lobby. However, in Britain the authorities see things very differently… Prime Minister has become a vigorous advocate of the risky technique, as Laura Smith reports. So why exactly are environmentalists so concerned about this particular form of oil and gas extraction? For more on this RT is joined by Vanessa Vine – she’s an anti-fracking campaigner for Britain and Ireland Frack Free group


Fight against Fracking: Romania villagers resist US energy giant Chevron


Published on Oct 19, 2013

Anti-fracking protesters from all over Romania have been galvanized US energy giant Chevron’s plan to start drilling outside the village of Pungetsi. While the energy firm has Bucharest’s blessing, people have come together to take a stand against the potential health and environmental risks of hydraulic fracturing in the region.

Global Frackdown action: LIVE UPDATES

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