TSA: Thousands Standing Around while Trained Sexual Assaulters Touch Some Ass


Published on Oct 18, 2013

Abby Martin cites a new report by the Arizona Republic about the Phoenix International Airport about TSA misconduct, highlighting instances where agents have abused the elderly and the disabled.



Federal air marshal arrested for taking cell phone photos up women’s skirts (Video)

A federal air marshal was arrested in Nashville, Tenn., Thursday for allegedly taking cell phone photographs up women passengers’ skirts. Adam Bartsch, 28, was arrested after another male passenger noticed him taking the inappropriate photos, and wrestled the federal air marshal’s cell phone from his hands, according to ABC News2 on Oct. 17.

Passenger Rey Collazo said he first saw Bartsch, who he did not know was an on-duty air marshal, taking the pictures while boarding the plane.

He described how he reached over and grabbed the cell phone from Bartsch. Collazo said he had to twist the phone out of the marshal’s hand, and after a short struggle he shoved him back and took the phone away from him.

Collazo notified the flight crew, who in turn called authorities, after first calling Bartsch a “disgrace” to men and human being.

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