The Hermitage at dusk – Saint Petersburg

“Deep within every one of us lies a natural understanding of good and evil. That is why one man can tell the truth convincingly…but it takes the entire apparatus of the state to peddle a lie, and propagate that lie to new generations.”…Gandhi

… by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor  and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

 –  First  Published  August  30th, 2013  –



St. Petersburg - at dusk

St. Petersburg – at dusk

While the world watches to see when and how the ‘punishment attack’ will be launched on Syria, I read reports all day trying to see if anyone would lay out what really has been going on. They did not.

The US and its allies, to their eternal shame, have already used WMD on the Syrian people, but initially in a non traditional form. They changed their game plan for future regime changes to avoid using their own troops and as little cash as possible. How?

They went rogue. They went over to terrorism. They went over to al-Qaeda, that’s how. Using the Gulf State proxies has fooled no one here.

They dusted off Ziggy Brzezinski’s old destabilization plan for starting Muslim holy wars against the Russians in the Caucasus. The strategy was to keep them tied up in the tried and true, ‘death by a thousand cuts’ insurgent wars.

Ziggy has no regrets over the 150,000 dead in the Chechen war. His justification was “Would you have rather seen them marching into Europe?” There was a little problem with that. They never could have marched into Europe as both ‘assured mutual destruction’ and tactical nuclear weapons served as an effective bear trap.

We move on now to how earlier in Afghanistan where Saudi money and CIA logistics cranked up the first major ‘use the locals for cannon fodder’ war in that region. And yes, the Madrasa schools to indoctrinate children to be an endless supply of holy warriors…yes…we and the Saudis did that.

As happens over and over, when later a Frankenstein after effect monster is found walking around, all those previously found to have conceived him deny being the father. So we have the continuing carnage of Muslim extremism being inflicted upon us which someone paid with taxpayer money was a smart idea.

Roll forward to several years ago where Syria was chosen as a replacement vehicle for an attack on Iran and to put the Russians ‘in their place’. Due to tight budgets, like internet writers often do by borrowing someone else’s material, a new policy guru wanting to look smart dusted off the old Ziggy Holy War plan and proposed going back to the well for a proven strategy.

This is not Moses leading them over the bridge

This is not Moses leading them over the bridge

The Persian Gulf States would pay most of the freight, and the cannon fodder this time would be the endless supply of disaffected Arab youth and religious extremists.

Their officer corps, in a twisted irony, would be veterans of the Iraq, Afghanistan and Chechen wars, plus the leftovers from the Arab Springs.

This was going to be regime change on the cheap, a cookie cutter strategy that could be used over and over. This was the first WMD unleashed on Syria.

But there were a few problems with the plan. First, the world public is now well aware how uncaring government regimes can be for not accepting any responsibility for the disasters they create because they have immunity.

So citizens know that makes them very dangerous as cold graves do not await them for terrible failure, but cozy think tank positions and highly paid lobbying jobs with their true employers.

Plan A was to collapse the Syrian Army through defections, and the government itself through a long series of assassinations that Western media forgot to tell us about. But something happened on the way to the forum, the government and army did not collapse, and the people…they got mad. Plan A backfired.

The public looks at a long drawn out fight as a misjudgment by their leaders going into it. Modern military brass almost always advise not to go in where a decisive victory can not be attained reasonably quickly.

Politicians are prone to multiply their mistakes here, like Bush did in brow beating his brass into more rosy projections of fewer occupation troops needed to secure Iraq. General Eric Shinseki said 400,000 and was forced to resign.

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