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Conspiracy theorists OK – Government Dupes Clueless, Humorless

Psychology Professor Demonstrates: “Conspiracy theorists” OK; government dupes clueless, humorless

Coast to Coast Radio just canceled its plans to broadcast a show tonight on my widely-read Press TV article on research suggesting that “conspiracy theorists” are saner than government dupes.

Here is the listing they just took down:

Note that they did not even link my article!!!

Apparently they had planned to give Michael Wood, the author of one of the studies I cited, a platform to attack my article – while refusing to even link the article, much less invite me on the air to defend it. When I protested, and asked that they allow me to defend my article, Coast to Coast decided to pull the show. They replaced it with a show on cetaceans:

You don’t have to be a “paranoid conspiracy theorist” to wonder why Coast to Coast is so averse to giving me a fair hearing.

Below is my new article rebutting Wood’s attack on my Press TV piece.


 Psychology professor demonstrates: “Conspiracy theorists” OK; government dupes clueless, humorless

Are the people labeled “conspiracy theorists” saner than those who use such insulting terms to avoid real debate?

Psychologist Michael Wood offers evidence that the answer is “yes” – both in his research, and by way of personal example. Wood’s clueless, humorless response to my recent Press TV article about his research raises questions about his own psychology. Wood’s just-canceled stint on Coast to Coast radio tonight* – a show that reaches millions of listeners – suggests that my article touched a raw nerve, forcing the Operation Mockingbird operatives who control big media to “push back” against Press TV…then pull back their pushback plan when they realized I could make mincemeat of Wood.

Wood co-authored a recent study showing that people who reject “conspiracy theories” are more hostile, and more ardently convinced that they know the truth about disputed events, than the more open-minded people who question official wisdom.

These findings overturn received mainstream opinion. The mainstream media and academy have promoted a CIA-engineered negative stereotype of “conspiracy theorists” (a term coined by CIA psychological warfare experts).** According to the CIA-fabricated pejorative stereotype, the “conspiracy theorist” is a hostile crank adamantly wedded to his own interpretation of a disputed event, such as the JFK assassination or 9/11. In reality, it turns out that the opposite is the case: Opponents of “conspiracy theories” are the hostile fanatics who think that they are in full possession of the truth; while those who dispute official opinion, and question events like 9/11, are less hostile and more open-minded.

Wood and Douglas’s findings will come as no surprise to anyone who has participated in comment-section debates. But they are significant because nobody in the mainstream media or academy has ever officially admitted such a thing before.

My Press TV article publicizing Wood’s research was read by millions of people, in part due to my sly use of humor and irony. One would think Wood would be grateful, and that he would at least have a good laugh at the way his findings torpedo officially-sanctioned stereotypes. Instead, he launched a flimsy, deceptive, utterly humorless counter-attack against my article.***

Whence such ingratitude? Presumably Wood is afraid that my interpretation of his research will get him labeled “pro-conspiracy-theory” – the kiss of death in the Western academy.

I understand Wood’s concern. I lost two University of Wisconsin teaching jobs, including one as a tenure-track Arabic-Humanities professor, due to my research, publication, and activism questioning the official story of 9/11.**** My net financial losses totaled more than two million dollars in projected lifetime earnings. And I have been subjected to an orchestrated campaign of media vilification, covert harassment, and innumerable death threats.

No wonder Wood is scrambling to backtrack on his own findings.

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