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Iceland whale meat returned to Iceland

whales/2013/iceland_whale_meatSpotlight Iceland: what is the point of your whaling Mr. Loftsson?

Shipping lines and ports refusing to carry Iceland’s whale meat

July 2013.

For years the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has been asking “what’s the point?” of his whaling operation. Besides being cruel, his whaling has never looked profitable. His only possible market, Japan, has never been particularly inviting and now he’s having trouble finding anyone who will carry the products of his cruel trade.

Whaler meat found in Rotterdam Harbour
Mr Loftsson’s most recent troubles began at the beginning of July when whale meat was discovered in a merchant vessel in Rotterdam harbour. It was labelled as “fish”, but the six containers were estimated to contain the meat of between five and six Fin whales. After a huge on-line Avaaz campaign deluged a million emails on the port authorities, they announced that no further whale meat would be allowed into their port as such a trade was in breach of their corporate responsibility policies.

Attention then turned to the exporter, Samskip. Within days they issued a statement saying they would not carry the six containers to Japan and that”, for the sake of avoiding any misunderstanding, Samskip confirms that it does not plan to ship whale meat in the future.”

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