Wash. lawmaker under fire for Facebook post


Wash. state Rep. Liz Pike, 18th District


Posted on June 24, 2013 at 3:25 PM

CAMAS, Wash. — A Washington state legislator turned some heads with a Facebook post over the weekend that many see as anti-teacher.

In a post titled “A life in the day of a WA State Representative,” Representative Liz Pike, of Camas, wrote an open letter to public educators who are “complaining about their cost of living increases being suspended.”

“Congratulations on enjoying your last day of the school year,” the letter begins. “If I had the opportunity to choose my career all over, I would have opted to get the necessary degree and teaching certificate so that I too could enjoy summertime off with my children, spring break vacations, christmas break vacations, paid holidays, a generous pension and health insurance benefits.”

Pike, an elected official, added, “Instead, I chose to work a career in private sector business so that I could be one of those tax payers who funds your salaries and benefits as a state employee in a local school district.”

The post had drawn hundreds of comments by Monday afternoon.

Critics have said the letter is condescending and ignores the work teachers do outside of classroom hours.

Others agreed with Pike that teachers have far more benefits than their peers in the private industry.

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