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Doctors monitor Northstar`s progress
Dr. Samuel Hurcombe, BVMS is one of many experts keeping an eye on Northstar`s treatment. Doctors at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center are using burn techniques typically used on humans to treat the horse.


American Paint Horse Was Victim of Animal Abuse

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The unlikely pairing of an equine veterinarian and a burn surgeon is providing a second chance at a normal life for a horse that was doused in flammable liquid and set on fire late last summer.

The Ohio State University doctors and their teams have partnered to perform two skin graft procedures on the American Paint Horse named Northstar, who suffered severe burns to almost half of his body when the abuse occurred.

The same instruments used in a typical human burn surgery were used for the horse’s grafting procedures. The clinicians removed ultrathin sheets of skin from Northstar’s chest and expanded them with a meshing tool before placing the grafts across an enormous wound spanning the horse’s back.

Samuel Hurcombe
Samuel Hurcombe

When he arrived in Columbus on Sept. 5, Northstar had exposed bone at the base of his neck as a result of the burns. Skin damage extended from his neck to the base of his tail and along both of his sides. No suspect has been identified in the case.



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