Veterans Today

by Kevin Barrett

Anjem Choudary is supposed to be some kind of extremist Muslim. But what kind, exactly?

Apparently, he’s the kind of Muslim extremist who loves Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz,  Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Benjamin Netanyahu, Mike Harari, and Dov Zakheim – since Choudary “has repeatedly praised the 9/11 terrorists.”

Ever since Jon Ronson’s favorite risible Muslim extremist, Omar Bakri Muhammad, disappeared into the prisons of Beirut, the British tabloid press has had to resort to using Mr. Choudary as its favorite whipping boy. Whatever the situation, Choudary may be relied on to say something stupid – something counterproductive to the causes of anti-imperialism, anti-Zionism, and the defense of Islam against aggression and calumny.

Guys like Choudary provide a textbook definition for the black ops term “useful idiot.”  Debating him was a little bit like re-enacting the Onion’s 9/11 Conspiracy Theories ‘Ridiculous,’ Al Qaeda Says.



Israel, Al-Qaeda Ties Out in The Open


Watch my Press TV Debate with Anjem Choudary

Press TV has conducted an interview with Dr. Kevin Barrett with the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance from Wisconsin. The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Dr. Barrett let’s look at this alliance between al-Nusra and Israel. A representative of the group has recently said that Israel is not the enemy, but the Syrian government. What exactly does that mean for an entity claiming to be Islamic?

Barrett: Well this whole al-Qaeda entity is a very, very loose entity. The word al-Qaeda actually means the database and originally referred to a CIA database of Arab Mujahedeen fighters, who were recruited by the CIA and their puppets in Saudi Arabia to go defend the US Empire in Afghanistan.

“Al-Qaeda” including this Nusra Front in Syria has never attacked the Israelis. This is nothing new when they say the Israelis aren’t their enemy. And I agree with Mr. Choudary, he is absolutely correct, they have never attacked Israel and in fact the strange thing about so called al-Qaeda is that in all of the years of its supposed existence, never once has it ever attacked Israel.

Now, there are Israeli soft-targets galore all over the world just waiting for them, but no, who do they attack? They attack Muslims.

Ninety-five to ninety-nine percent of all the victims and targets of these so called al-Qaeda groups have always been and still are their fellow Muslims. Once in a while they pretend to attack the United States, although we now know that the major so called al-Qaeda attacks in the United States, such as 9/11 and these Boston bombings are false flag events.

So, what we are really seeing here is the so-called al-Qaeda, which is now so obviously allied to the State of Israel in Syria, has always been allied to the State of Israel and to the extreme radical pro-empire forces in the US.

That is what 9/11 was, it was a publicity stunt to cause the US to kill millions of Muslims and to strengthen its empire on behalf of Israel.

So, things are becoming very clear now and it’s interesting that people like Mr. Choudary, who are just such obvious dupes and patsies of this psychological operation by the Zionists and the imperialists, are now cheering for the Israelis and saying ‘Oh, yes. We al-Qaeda people have never thought the Israelis were the enemy’. Well, of course not, because they are working for Israel and they always have been

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