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Posted on March 28, 2013 at 6:21 AM

Updated today at 12:54 PM

COUPEVILLE, Wash. — It will be months before some people have full access to their homes following Wednesday’s quarter-mile wide landslide on Whidbey Island, firefighters said Thursday.

Four homes are being yellow tagged, which means the owners will have limited access.

The properties are located on Driftwood Way and Fircrest Avenue. At least five homes are said to be  in immediate danger. Another 35 homes were either under evacuation orders or had been cut off from the rest of Whidbey Island.

“I used to say ‘in a million years we’ll have waterfront property’ and now I can say 100 years or tomorrow. It’s unbelievable,” said Nancy Skullerud.

The slide in the Ledgewood neighborhood obliterated the hillside at about 3:45 a.m. Wednesday.

A two-lane road in the neighborhood was wiped out and pushed 300 feet down the slope. A new road must be built to get some people access to their homes. That could take weeks or months. Geologists will drill for water samples next week to determine when it will be safe to start building a road.

“It’s taken a while to soak it in to realize that life changes in five minutes,” said Skullerud. “Mother Nature always wins.”

KING 5’s Eric Wilkinson and Angela King contributed to this report

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GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: Homes Evacuated After Massive Landslide On Whidbey Island, Washington!

Andre HeathAndre Heath

Published on Mar 27, 2013

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March 27, 2013 – UNITED STATES – Residents of a hillside overlooking scenic Puget Sound heard the thunder of a landslide that knocked one home off its foundation, and isolated or threatened more than two dozen others on Whidbey Island early Wednesday.

A man who escaped from the damaged home was evacuated by rescuers in an all-terrain vehicle, Central Whidbey Fire and Rescue Chief Ed Hartin said. Many of the homes are summer cabins or weekend getaways and were unoccupied. Eleven people from 16 homes along a road close to the water were evacuated by boat because the road was blocked by the landslide, he said. And, another 20 to 25 people were evacuated from 17 homes along a road higher up the hill that is being undermined by the slide. Land is falling away just 10 feet from one home. No one was injured when the slide broke loose about 4 a.m. in the Ledgewood community. One person was taken to a hospital with a condition unrelated to the slide. The cause of the slide is unknown. Residents that heard the slide about eight miles south of Coupeville described it as sounding like thunder. “It was a mix of rumbling and snapping trees,” Hartin said. “We were hearing the same thing when we arrived.” On Wednesday afternoon the slide still showed signs of movement, Hartin said. “It’s possible more homes could be lost. We’re trying to ensure the safety and awareness of people,” Hartin said. “There’s not anything we can do to stop the movement of the ground.” The slide area extends about 400 to 500 yards across the hillside and down 600 or 700 yards to the water, Hartin said. There has been no significant rain in recent days so the immediate cause of the slide is unknown. But the area has been prone to slides in the past, Hartin said. A geotechnical expert was being brought in to assess the slide and the danger to homes. If the slide stabilizes, some people might be allowed to return. But others have homes that are now unreachable. “Being cut off from the road, water and power,” residents had to leave, said Island County Sheriff Mark Brown. “It’s a pretty massive mudslide.”

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