Is There a Gaping Hole in Your

Preparedness Plan?

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If the communications grid ever fails, you’ll be glad you read this installment of the Ready for Anything Report.

From the Kennedy assassination to September 11, phone systems always go down in emergencies. So when the next one occurs, you can be part of a community that never missed a beat when communications go down: Truckers. They have their own grid of “mobile devices” – CB radios mounted in and powered by their big rigs.

If you are EVER caught in a traffic jam, no matter where, the truckers always have the low down! Whether you are traveling for casual reasons or in an emergency evacuation, being able to tune into truckers’ CB chatter is essential to avoiding problem areas and re-rerouting.

All along the U.S highways, truckers are linked up through CB radios, and they’re able to pass information quickly between themselves. Usually it’s about traffic, but in an emergency, access to this pre-established network can be extremely valuable.

Ability to Communicate Is Your Lifeline
During an Emergency
During any kind of emergency access to information about what’s happening – about ongoing dangers, road and bridge closures, evacuation orders, or new threats – can make all the difference in how well you and your loved ones come through the crisis.

A communication plan is part of any complete preparation plan. Information can become just as important as food and water during a crisis. And you can’t plan to rely on normal communication channels.

Power outages and storms can cut off your access to news from T.V. or the Internet. And during an emergency, there’s a predictable increase in call volume, often enough to bring both cell phone and land line service to a screeching halt.

What you really need is access to the trucker network, and better yet, some kind of two-way radio of your own. Personally, I recommend a CB.


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