“The next part of your Ascension is with Mother Earth, and with our help to create a new Earth that is befitting souls who are growing exponentially and becoming fully conscious Beings. You will then be able to call yourselves ‘Galactic Beings’ and the doors will open to even greater opportunities than you have ever experienced. Your rate of progress is entirely up to you, and once you have made your decision you will have plenty of help from us.” (SaLuSa, Jan. 4, 2013.)

I said earlier that I regard it as time to begin thinking in terms of beginning our world service. I suggested two organizing principles we might begin thinking in terms of, to start the whole process of creating the context of a New World, a world that works for everyone.

I now want to suggest four areas of the globe to begin focusing our love on as an exercise in beginning to concentrate our attention on areas of the world in which much work needs to transpire.

I don’t mean to suggest that anyone needs to go along with my suggestion of areas. My intention is simply to start the ball rolling and the final outcome of these discussions may be very different than the first go-round.

They’re the areas of the globe usually thought of as the Middle East, South Asia, Sahel/Subsaharan Africa, and Middle Latin America.

I don’t want to define those areas overly much. What each of those terms means for you is acceptable to me. But perhaps I can say a word about what I think they should include as a minimum.

As a minimum, the “Middle East” should include Syria, Israel, and Palestine; Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. These are areas that have been embroiled in conflict, either native or imported, for millennia, have been largely or partially unsuccessful in extracting themselves from it, and need our combined focus and help to make the transition to peace, equality, and wellness again.

As a minimum, South Asia should include Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh; Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Indonesia. These are areas of intense exploitation by First World powers and conflict between majorities and minorities.

As a minimum, Subsaharan Africa should include all the countries below the belt of Arab countries, but most intensely the band of Sahel or Subsaharan countries from the bulge of Africa in the West to the Horn of Africa in the east.

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