This one goes out to all those who have been sending messages and writing posts  hailing the gun laws in Britain.  Claiming them so civilized and effective. While we  savage Americans fight to keep our  guns.  Perhaps, instead of coming here to pontificate ,you  would spend sometime reading your newspapers or watching actual news on the  tele , you might actually know what  the  truth was.  Here’s looking at  you kiddies 😀





By Michael Shrimpton

Happy New Year everyone.

A good friend in academe has sent me a copy of an excellent article by Professor Joyce Malcolm of the excellent Georgetown University Law School, published in the Wall Street Journal.  She points out, correctly, that after the Dunblane School Massacre we in Britain made the same error Obama is now urging on Congress.

A savage crackdown on handguns was rushed through the House of Commons.

Badly drafted, in the midst of a moral panic, the Firearms Act is a classic example of a bad law.  The claimed intent was to ‘reduce gun crime.’  Since the problem at Dunblane was that Thomas Hamilton was running a pedophile ring and supplying young boys for abuse to inter alia senior police officers the new legislation was never going to prevent another massacre, nor did it.

Whilst Hamilton was shot by a police officer (in an execution-style shooting, at close range, to make sure he never talked) the politicians and police officers who made sure existing firearms controls were circumvented were never prosecuted.  Indeed there was a sordid, Sandy Hook style, cover-up.  The incident helped to shatter confidence in the police in well-informed circles, including the Tory Party and Freemasonry.  I am not a Mason by the way, although I have cordial relations with them and do not subscribe to the silly conspiracy theories about them you often find on the Internet.  They tend to be very nice people.  The Grand Master, if I may say so, is a particularly nice chap.

I am sure the poor parents of the children so disgracefully murdered at Dunblane did not want a massive increase in gun crime in Britain.  That is what they helped bring about however.  It has more than doubled since, even on official figures.  The crackle of gunfire is not an unknown sound in Britain’s inner cities these days, sadly.


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