Secret Service ‘lost sensitive files on informants on the Washington DC metro’

  • Detailed personal data, including bank, passport, social security and biometric information, left on train on the way to vault
  • Huge security lapse was potentially ‘covered up’

By Daily Mail Reporter


The latest embarrassment for the Secret Service is the revelation of an ‘immense breach’ that left highly sensitive personal information, including bank, passport and social security numbers, on the Washington DC metro.

Two computer backup disks that contained data on agency employees, contacts and overseas informants were left on the train by a low-level employee of a private contractor responsible for moving the information.

This investigation is part of the ongoing ‘Culture of Secret Service’ probe which began following the Cartagena, Colombia prostitution scandal in April.

'Immense breach': Large amounts of sensitive personal information were left on a red line train on the Washington DC metro‘Immense breach’: Large amounts of sensitive personal information were left on a red line train on the Washington DC metro

Fox News reported that the tapes were left on a Red Line train in 2008 by a young associate of a private contracting company that had been hired to transport them from Secret Service headquarters in Washington, D.C., to a secure vault in Olney, Maryland.

Government contingency plans, backup information and other documents are stored in Olney. According to Fox, the employee had volunteered to take the tapes to the vault which was located close to his house.

But when he left the train at Glenmont he left the information behind.

The ‘personally identifiable information’ on the tapes included: Social Security Numbers, home addresses, information about family members, phone numbers, dates of birth, medical information, bank account numbers, employment information, driver’s license numbers, passport numbers, and any biometric information on file with the Secret Service.

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