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Obama’s Order Revealed: Hidden Executive Orders


The dismissals over President Obama’s latest Executive Order for National Defense Resources Preparedness as just “an update” miss the point. We’ve hit a nerve on Before It’s News with this story with almost 60,000 views this morning. People are upset, angry and disappointed. Why? Because a normally arcane proclamation is seeing…


David Cameron unveils plan to sell off the roads

Sovereign wealth funds to be allowed to lease motorways in England, says prime minister

David Cameron will clear the way for a multibillion-pound semi-privatisation of trunk roads and motorways as he announces plans to allow sovereign wealth funds from countries such as China to lease roads in England.

Just 48 hours before the budget, the prime minister will give a speech calling for radical action to improve Britain’s infrastructure, which is falling behind those of key competitors in Europe.


Durbin, leaders at odds over House bill to ease corporate regulations

By Alexander Bolton

Sen. Dick Durbin is fighting his top Democratic colleagues, Majority Leader Harry Reid and Sen. Charles Schumer, who want to move a bill easing regulation of Wall Street.


Senators to Pentagon: No troop cuts until Congress gets a say in budget

By Jeremy Herb

The leaders of the Senate Armed Services Committee are warning the Pentagon: Don’t make any sudden moves without consulting us first.


House GOP weighs new gas-price bill

By Ben Geman

House Republicans are planning new legislation to thwart Environmental Protection Agency rules that they argue could worsen rising gasoline prices.


Federal investigation of Iran dissident group bypasses K Street firms

By Kevin Bogardus

A federal investigation of an Iranian dissident group that has targeted a number of former government officials seems to have bypassed K Street.


At heart of health law clash, a 1942 case of a farmer’s wheat

By Adam Liptak

If the Obama administration persuades the Supreme Court to uphold its health care overhaul law, it will be in large part thanks to a 70-year-old precedent involving an Ohio farmer named Roscoe C. Filburn.


Momentum stalls on Obama nuclear agenda

By Matt Spetalnick and Alister Bull

Shortly after taking office, U.S. President Barack Obama set the goal of eventually ridding the world of nuclear weapons as a central theme of his presidency and pledged dramatic steps to lead the way.


U.S. Exempts Japan, 10 EU Nations From Iran Oil Sanctions

The Obama administration won’t impose sanctions on Japan and 10 European Union nations that have “significantly” cut back their imports of Iranian oil this year, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said. The U.S. didn’t grant exemptions today to China, the top importer of Iranian crude in the first half of last year, or to India and South Korea, the No. 3 and No. 4 buyers, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.



The U.S. Economy: Soul Crushing Total System Failure

No matter how often the pretty people on television tell us that the U.S. economy is getting better, it isn’t going to change the soul crushing agony that millions of American families are going through right now. The stock market may have gotten back to where it was in 2008, but the job market sure hasn’t. As I wrote about a few days ago, the percentage of working age Americans that are actually employed has stayed very flat since late 2009, and the average duration of unemployment is hovering near an all-time high.


Greece on the breadline: cashless currency takes off

In recent weeks, Theodoros Mavridis has bought fresh eggs, tsipourou(the local brandy: beware), fruit, olives, olive oil, jam, and soap. He has also had some legal advice, and enjoyed the services of an accountant to help fill in his tax return.


Americans Will Need “Black Markets” To Survive

MEDIA ROOTS – As Americans come to grips with a severe financial hangover, the American economy will adapt to meet the peoples’ needs. After 30 years of easy credit, subprime mortgages, zero interest loans and binge spending, the economy has imploded. The wizards of Wall Street continue casting spells and weaving their magic, as the mainstream media rattles on about the wizards’ omnipotence like an rickety player piano.

Meanwhile, back in the world of reality, some Americans are beginning to realize the necessity of more contemporary ways of doing business. As decreasing wages, increasing taxes, stifling regulations and a mortally wounded economy, are forcing people to do business a different way. If current conditions continue, “black markets” will emerge, giving local economies an IV to keep them stable.


House GOP budget to slash taxes

By Erik Wasson and Bernie Becker

House Republicans will slash personal income taxes to a 25 percent top rate and a 10 percent lower rate as part of their fiscal 2013 budget proposal to be released Tuesday.


Kingdom vows measures to bring down oil prices

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah chairs the Cabinet meeting in Riyadh on Monday. (SPA)


Published: Mar 20, 2012 01:07 Updated: Mar 20, 2012 01:14

Saudi Arabia announced yesterday it would work individually and in coordination with the GCC countries and other producers to ensure an adequate oil supply to bring down prices to reasonable levels that could accelerate global economic recovery.

The Council of Ministers, chaired by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah, took the landmark decision after realizing the negative impact of rising oil prices on the world economy, especially on the economies of developing countries.


Wars and Rumors of War

US navy to position three aircraft carriers near Iran

The US navy will have three aircraft carriers positioned near Iran in the coming days, and is doubling the number of minesweeping ships and helicopters based in the Gulf. Israel, meanwhile, is keeping up rhetoric that makes many think the Jewish state — the Middle East’s sole if undeclared nuclear power, which is not involved in the talks — is serious about possibly attacking Iran, with or without US support.


Unity: Syria’s Only Option

Corporate-funded think-tank and purveyor of US foreign policy, the Brookings Institution, had in 2009 literally blueprinted the strategy with which the West would slowly strangle and topple the government of Iran. Throughout the pages of their report, “Which Path to Persia?”


Obama Apologizes For Kandahar Massacre But Not For His Own Killings

How shall the world view the apology by President Obama for the massacre of 16 Afghan villagers allegedly by a lone U.S. serviceman in Kandahar Province when the President is himself personally responsible for the extra-judicial killing of hundreds of civilians by means of drone aircraft strikes whose crime he defends? Army Staff Sgt., Robert Bales, of Lake Tapps, Wash., is being held in prison in Fort Leavenworth, Kan. Mr. Obama is free to travel the campaign trail.

“We’re heart-broken over the loss of innocent life,” the president said of the Kandahar massacre. His seeming expression of contrition rings hollow, though, particularly if one considers how Mr. Obama goes about his daily routine ordering drone strikes and seemingly is unaffected by the “loss of innocent lives” they cause, as well as by the hated companion night raids on Afghan homes, also the result of his policy.


If a President Has a Power to Assassinate You…

Posted by Michael S. Rozeff

In this blog, I want to focus only on a few, not all, of its implications.

If a president of the U.S. has a power to assassinate American citizens, then, logically, this means that he also has punitive powers that stop short of killing, since killing is for most of us just about the worst thing that can be done to us. In particular, if he has the assassination power, then he also has the power to …..


A Ugandan View of ‘KONY 2012′: War Criminal by Franchise

By: Paulo Wangoola, Founder and President, Mpambo Afrikan Multiversity, Uganda

As I viewed the video my mind wondered and settled far away from Joseph Kony. Kony is a mere case of the numerous questionable leaders, past and contemporary, who have emerged in Afrika, and have actively prosecuted horrendous war on the people, particularly women and children; for example Botha, De Clerk, Mobutu, Savimbi, Kabila, Kagame, Amin, Obote, Museveni, Ben Ali, Hosni Mubaraka, Bokassa, etc, etc. How come all these leaders have gained, consolidated and entrenched their power with the active support of the Coordinate White Republic of Europe and North America? Why is it that as a rule, the Coordinate White Republic is the last to abandon Afrika’s dictators, although even then, only after they have groomed a new and better dictator; that is when they can confidently announce the dictator is dead; long live dictatorship?


Colonialism in 10 Minutes: The Scramble For Africa

Uploaded by PeteMcCormack2 on Feb 25, 2008

An excerpt from the film Uganda Rising showing in a (very!) brief overview the utter decimation of Africa that took place via colonialism and the so-called “Scramble For Africa.”

Despite the film’s focus on Uganda, I think this excerpt sheds light on just how much of the violence that we see today actually has a colonial/European precedent rooted in exploitation and racism.

It’s also an instructive lead in, I think, to Darfur in 10 Minutes: An Overview of the Conflict in Sudan.

Uganda Rising was produced by Alison Lawton.
It was directed by Jesse James Miller and Pete McCormack (me). Jesse also edited the film, and I wrote it.

For more about the film, visit http://www.ugandarising.com.

Murder Is Not an Anomaly in War

Chris Hedges, Truthdig Op-Ed:

“The scale of our state-sponsored murder is masked from public view. Reporters who travel with military units and become psychologically part of the team spin out what the public and their military handlers want, mythic tales of heroism and valor. War is seen only through the lens of the occupiers. It is defended as a national virtue. This myth allows us to make sense of mayhem and death.”


Israelis agree Iran hasn’t decided to construct nuclear bomb

JERUSALEM – Despite saber-rattling from Jerusalem, Israeli officials now agree with the U.S. assessment that Tehran has not yet decided on the actual construction of a nuclear bomb, according to senior Israeli government and defense figures.

Even so, there is great concern in Israel about leaving Iran “on the cusp” of a bomb — explaining why Israel continues to hint at a military attack on Iran’s nuclear installations before it moves enough of them underground to protect them from Israel’s bombs.


Iran threatens to retaliate to any attack by US, Israel

TEHRAN: Tehran will retaliate against any attack by Israeli or American forces “on the same level” , Iran’s top leader said on Tuesday in a defiant address just moments after US president Barack Obama appealed directly to the Iranian people with a message of solidarity.

The contrasting approaches highlighted the broad range of political posturing and tactics as the standoff deepens over Iran’s nuclear programme.


American lawmakers are rejecting renewed calls by Pakistan for an end to U.S.

sponsored drone strikes in the country. Tuesday, a Pakistani government commission demanded an end to U.S. military strikes conducted by unmanned, remote-controlled aircraft known as drones. Pakistan has long complained that drone attacks are a violation of national sovereignty.


McCain suggests US not to quit Afghan war

Republican Senator John McCain has suggested that Washington has no intention of leaving Afghanistan — where it has been waging a so-called war on terror for more than a decade. McCain, a vociferous supporter of a large and long-drawn-out US military presence in Afghanistan, told NBC television’s Meet the Press program on Sunday that the occupation of Afghanistan was “succeeding” and Washington should not leave the country. He criticized US President Barack Obama for setting 2014 as the deadline for the American withdrawal.



UPDATE 1-Chevron executives barred from leaving Brazil over spill

SAO PAULO/RIO DE JANEIRO, March 17 (Reuters) – A Brazilian court on Saturday barred 17 executives from Chevron and Transocean from leaving Brazil, pending criminal charges related to a high-profile oil spill last November.

A federal judge in Rio de Janeiro state granted a request from prosecutors who are pressing for charges against both firms, a spokesman for prosecutor Eduardo Oliveira said in a phone interview. George Buck, who heads Chevron’s Brazil unit, and the other 16 executives must turn in their passports to the police within 24 hours, the spokesman said.


USDA Green-Lights Field Trials of Monsanto Drought-Resistant Corn After Admitting it Performs No Better Than Natural Corn

Ethan A. Huff, News Report:

“The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) does not even pretend to legitimately evaluate genetically-modified organisms (GMO) before approving them anymore, having recently green-lighted approval for a new variety of ‘drought-resistant’ GM corn produced by Monsanto that admittedly grows no better under drought conditions than natural varieties do.”


Cleaning tool disconnects in Keystone oil pipeline

Part of a pipeline cleaning tool disconnected within TransCanada Corp’s Canada-to-United States Keystone oil pipeline, but the incident was not affecting the line’s operation or flow rate, the company said on Monday. TransCanada was using the inline tool, known in industry coin as a “pig”, as part of normal maintenance when the piece broke off, spokesman Terry Cunha said. The pipeline is currently moving 500,000 barrels a day, down from its capacity of 591,000, he said. It does not normally operate at full capacity rates.


Cyber Space

US to fast-track cyber weapons

The Pentagon is accelerating efforts to develop a new generation of cyberweapons capable of disrupting enemy military networks even when those networks are not connected to the Internet, according to current and former U.S. officials.


Whistle Blowers

Army threatens to fire whistleblower for talking to McClatchy

The military’s embattled crime lab is trying to fire an outspoken whistleblower who’s spotlighted its problems. Earlier this month, the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory warned its firearms branch chief, Donald Mikko, in a memo of its plans to fire him, in part for talking to a McClatchy reporter. As part of an internal investigation, Mikko was interrogated for about four hours and questioned about his contacts with McClatchy, according to his attorney Peter Lown. The Army Criminal Investigation Command, which oversees the lab, launched the inquiry after McClatchy published a story late last year about the lab losing evidence.



Occupy’s Front Line Moves to the Front Lawn

Laura Gottesdiener, News Analysis:

“Across the country, homeowners, activist organizations, lawyers, and Occupiers are uniting to create a direct-action campaign against foreclosures. Begun as a national campaign on December 6th by Occupy our Homes, the coalition movement has already stopped nearly one hundred evictions and the actions are intensifying.”


Police State Blues: “Our Rights do Not End Where the Caprice of Authoritarian Bullies Begins”

Phil Rockstroh, Op-Ed:

“In a police state, unjust actions by authoritarian bullies, operating at the behest of privileged bullies in power, act by caprice and will escalate their level of brutality by the degree that the public at large reacts with support and indifference to the state’s assaults on civil liberties and common decency. The defining creed of a violent gang, such as the NYPD, is to ensure their own survival by the modus operandi of violently crushing perceived rivals.”


Shut Down Monsanto Protest at the Gates Foundation

Video Feature:

“As part of the Global Day of Action to Shut Down Monsanto on Saturday, this action was co-organized by AGRA Watch/Community Alliance for Global Justice, Washington Fair Trade Coalition, Washington Biotechnology Action Council, and GMO-Free Washington. The protest was directed at the Gates Foundation for their efforts to spread Monsanto’s dangerous GMOs throughout Africa.”


From Wall Street To Beursplein, Our Resistance Is Global

News Report:

“Amsterdam is home to the world’occupy s oldest stock market – and it is #Occupied. Protesters in Amsterdam, along with dozens of cities across the Netherlands and hundreds throughout the world, took their square on a Global Day of Action on October 15, 2011, four weeks after Occupy Wall Street began. Occupy Amsterdam has occupied Beursplein (Exchange Square, directly in front of the Amsterdam stock exchange, now owned by Wall Street-based NYSE Euronext) ever since.”



Fukushima Farmers Face Decades of Tainted Crops as Fears Linger

Farmers in Japan’s Fukushima face years of additional losses as consumers continue to doubt the safety of produce from the region devastated a year ago by the tsunami and nuclear fallout, which may taint crops for decades.

Almost 100,000 farmers lost about 58 billion yen ($694 million) by March 1, or 25 percent of production, according to JA, the country’s biggest agricultural group. Imports of farm products jumped 16 percent to 5.58 trillion yen in 2011, according to the agriculture ministry.


Psy – Ops

‘People yawning, developing goose bumps could be terrorist’ says US Homeland Security

Washington: A US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) document aimed at raising awareness on how people can help combat terrorism, has warned that passengers yawning, developing goose bumps and appearing fidgety could all be potential terrorists.



TSA Nabs Suspected Al Queda Terrorist At Chicago Airport, A toddler in a wheelchair

Global Intelligence & Information Grid Goes Online: DI2E framework aims for streamlined intelligence sharing

Editor’s Note: This something we have been following for half a decade. Integrating intelligence agencies, geospatial intelligence, jets, drones and more down to the boots on the ground in one system. A few years ago the head of the DNI mentioned that there was plans to integrate all of the world’s intelligence agencies and DI2E is a continuation of that. We will release a flashpoint analysis on this subject very soon. –MV


In China, millions make themselves at home in caves

Some are basic, others beautiful, with high ceilings and nice yards. ‘Life is easy and comfortable here,’ one cave dweller says.

Reporting from Yanan, China—
Like many peasants from the outskirts of Yanan, China, Ren Shouhua was born in a cave and lived there until he got a job in the city and moved into a concrete-block house.

His progression made sense as he strove to improve his life. But there’s a twist: The 46-year-old Ren plans to move back to a cave when he retires.


French police: Gun used in Jewish school attack tied to murder of Muslim soldiers

Netanyahu calls Toulouse shooting that killed rabbi, three children a ‘despicable anti-Semitic’ attack.

TOULOUSE- French police reopened the area where four people were killed shortly after 8:00 A.M. outside a Jewish school on Monday, and are investigating whether the gun used for the murder of a rabbi and three children was also used to murder two Muslim French paratroopers last week.


Coup in Beijing, Says Chinese Internet Rumor Mill

A photo published on Weibo, China’s biggest microblog site, on March 19 shows a tank on Changan Street in Beijing. User Wangdaxia posted the photo with a short article describing what happened the night of March 19. (Internet Screenshot) Over the night of March 19 and early morning of March 20,…


FYI: Government Buying Out All The 5.56 Military Surplus Ammo & Is Telling Ammo Dealers To Stop Selling To Their Vendors & Civilians.

CONTRIBUTOR: John Rolls. From: Anonymous Source Sent: Monday, March 19, 2012 8:27 PM To: The Americas, Israel & Europe

Subject: Government buying out all the 5.56 Military surplus ammo and is telling ammo dealers to stop selling to their vendors and civilians. I have been calling allot of ammo distributors and ALL of them are telling me…


Yuri Bezmenov: Deception Was My Job (Complete)

Uploaded by GBPPR2 on Jan 20, 2011

This is G. Edward Griffin’s shocking video interview, Soviet Subversion of the Free-World Press (1984), where he interviews ex-KGB officer and Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov who decided to openly reveal KGB’s subversive tactics against western society as a whole.

Bezmenov explains how Jewish Marxist ideology is destabilizing the economy and purposefully pushing the U.S. into numerous crises so that a “Big Brother” tyranny can be put into place in Washington, how most Americans don’t even realize that they are under attack, and that normal parliamentary procedures will not alter the federal government’s direction.

He then explains how Marxist leaders use informers to make lists of anti-Communist and other politically incorrect people who they want to execute once they – actually a Jewish oligarchy – come to power. The oligarch’s secret lists include “civil rights” activists and idealistically-minded “useful idiot” leftists as well.

Bezmenov provides several real world examples of how Marxist leaders even execute and/or imprison each other. Also he explains how American embassy employees were known to betray Soviets attempting to defect, how there existed a “triangle of hate” in the Soviet government, why he realized that Marxism-Leninism was a murderous doctrine, and how the CIA ignored (or didn’t care) about Communist subversion.

He also mentions that revolutions throughout history are never the result of a majority movement, but of a small dedicated and highly-organized group who seize power, whether for good or bad. Next he explains how the American mass media spread lies about life in the Soviet Union.

Bezmenov also explains how the LOOK magazine article falsely claimed that the Russian people were proud of their victory in the Second World War, where in reality the Judeo-Bolshevik-Communist-Marxist government was happy that Hitler had been defeated so that they could remain in power.

Find out how the KGB utilized various individuals to undermine the Western society in its morals and values.