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Harley and Teddy, "caped crusaders" raising awareness about puppy mills.
April 24, 2014

Those of us in the animal world are well aware of the atrocities of puppy mills.

The filthy conditions, lack of clean water, food, and veterinary care, the loneliness and neglect the animals suffer. Which is why it’s wonderful to hear of puppy mill dogs who are rescued and get to spend the rest of their lives in a loving home.

Two such survivors, Harley, 13, and Teddy, 8, are doing more than enjoying their freedom, however. On April 26, they’re leaving for a trip (not their first) with National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR) to save other puppy mill dogs. This Midwest mission, dubbed ‘Harley to the Rescue,‘ has a goal of saving more than 50 dogs.

‘Harley to the Rescue’ started as a campaign to raise $2,500 to fund one rescue of 25-30 dogs. As of today, these brave Chihuhuas have raised over $150,000 and have rescued 265 dogs from mills. Watch video (Here).


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Published on Mar 22, 2014

World famous and inspirational Duncan Lou Who the two legged boxer puppy goes to the beach for the first time, along with Mane ( who was featured in Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and The Shake Book ) , Rou, Ducky and Miso. Duncan was born with severely deformed rear legs that had to be removed. He has a wheel chair, but can’t stand to use it. So we let him be free and just walk on his two legs. There is some slow motion in this video, but NONE of the video has been sped up, this gives you an idea of how fast Duncan really it. All footage taken with a GoPro Hero 3.

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At first glance, rescuers thought they were dealing with an aged chihuahua who had lost his teeth because of neglect. Tragically, the pooch has been rushed to the veterinarian on Saturday evening; his rescuers state this dog is less than two-years-old.

Rescuers believed tiny little Nemo has been badly abused and his teeth have been knocked out.

“Only a monster would knock the teeth out of a helpless little chihuahua,” stated Kathleen Godwin of Ithaca, New York. “It’s beyond horrible to think of what this poor little one must have suffered and the pain he must be in now.”


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According to San Antonio Pets Alive (SAPA), a senior Chihuahua is in dire need of emergency care at an animal control agency in Texas.

The non-profit organization shared the following information about the 9-year-old dog in need on Saturday:

This sweet ol’ guy just came in to ACS and he needs a hospice foster. He is a medical emergency. He will need to have his eye enucleated and SAPA will provide his medical care for a foster or adopter.

He is a sweet and gentle 9 yr old Chihuahua and he has been through hell and back and is very emaciated and has a painful Upper respiratory infection (like havinga bad cold). He is contagious to other pets for the next 7 to 10 days but he is so tiny and east to keep separated.

Chewy needs a warm space away from the others until he is feeling better. He weighs approx 8 lbs. This sweet little man just needs to be comfortable and loved for the short time he has left. Please email if you can help him.


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Hempstead Animal Shelter

March 20, 2014

At twelve plus years of age, and mostly blind, Athena is no longer considered to be a “highly adoptable” dog – a fact which her prior owner discovered she attempted to secure a new home for the elderly dog.

Though Athena’s former guardian loved her beautiful senior dog, she was no longer able to care for her, and after attempts to find Athena a new home failed, that person reached out to the Hempstead Town Shelter in Wantagh, N.Y., to have the dog put down.

The shelter staff went to retrieve Athena and promised the dog’s owner, who is disabled and had fallen ill, that they would try to find a home for Athena before euthanasia was considered.

The shelter posted this statement on Thursday:

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Ayo has been charged with 8 counts of animal cruelty.
Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department

Leslie Ayo, the owner of Heavens Gate Kennels located in Lawrenceville, was arrested on Thursday and faces eight counts of animal cruelty for the inhumane tail docking of eight Rottweiler puppies reports the

Ayo was hired by a local woman living on Deer Oaks Drive to de-worm, de-claw, and dock the tails of her eight recently born puppies. A witness watched as Ayo used an instrument that looked like a pair of scissors to cut the pups’ tails. Nothing was used to stop the bleeding; one puppy later died at a local veterinarian’s office. The vet then called Gwinnett County Animal Control to report the cruelty.

The witness stated the puppies all screamed in pain. No anesthetics were used.

On Ayo’s Facebook page for Heavens Gate Kennels, she states:

“I gained valuable experience and knowledge as an S.P.C.A Animal Caretaker, Zoo Volunteer, Vet Technician, owner of a successful pet supply boutique, and Director of a No-Kill Dog Rescue. I am a breeder who knows the industry from the bottom all the way to the top and it shows in the quality and temperaments of my animals.”

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association:…..

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Otto, aka Harley

According to Wednesday’s KTLA 5 News, a senior dog who was left at an animal control facility in Baldwin Park, Calif., earlier this month, will be reunited with his guardians.

The dog, named “Harley,” had been left at the animal control facility with a sad note from his heartbroken  guardians who were  unable to care for his medical needs.  Harley, who was later determined to actually be “Otto” did not die at the facility – he was saved by Toby Wisneski, the CEO and founder of Leave No Paws Behind.

Wisneski set out to find the elderly dog’s guardians and shortly thereafter, this comment was posted to the rescue agency’s Facebook page:

We asked his humans to please contact us AND I have just gotten off the phone with them!!! They sent me this picture with him where he is in the little shirt we found him in AND have given us the information on the vets that have taken care of Otto all his life!!!!

His name is ” Otto Wolfgang Maximus” and we can’t wait to let him know that we have located his loving mommy and daddy! We will have more information and there will be an updated story

The reunion is expected to take place on March 28.

Follow the rescue that saved Otto’s life here.


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Little Harley was left in a basket at a shelter with a note attached that his owners didn't have the money to help him.

March 9, 2014

Had it not been for Toby Wisneski of Leave No Paws Behind animal rescue in Sun Valley, Calif. a 13+ year-old dachshund may not have seen another day. Wisneski not only rescued the pooch, but even hopes to reunite the dog with the senior couple who left him in a basket at an animal shelter late last week reports cbs

In the basket was a handwritten note, which told the story of a senior citizen couple who lived on a very small budget. Their dog, a constant companion for his entire life, had started to present with bloody stools and vomiting.

The couple had no money to take their dog to the vet. His skin disease was bothering him too, and they wrote they didn’t even have the money to euthanize their friend. They asked the shelter to put their dog to sleep because he never lived a day without them.

Wisneski rushed the dog, she named Harley, to the East Valley Veterinary Clinic where Dr. Danielle Chapman has been caring for him. Harley is now being treated for a non-contagious mange, bad teeth, joint pain and arthritis. Dr. Chapman says that Harley loves to be cuddled.

As Wisneski stated, not everyone who surrenders their dog to a shelter is “bad.”

“I do not believe that all humans who surrender their loving companions are bad people. What I have come to realize is that some, and there are a few, fall on hard and difficult times, loss of jobs, senior and elderly folks who are sick and need help, loss of homes etc. etc. I also believe that they are not aware that there is help out there for their beloved pets and we are hoping to be able to get that message to them. If Harley’s humans come forward, we will speak with them, do our standard home check AND if we find that they are indeed loving, kind and genuinely care for sweet Harley, which we do believe, and the only issue is help with medical care and basic needs for him, yes, we will reunite them!”

Leave No Paws Behind is hoping someone might recognize this dog and inform the owners to come forward.

Sometimes older people have no idea where to reach out for help. For most animal lovers, they can not comprehend surrendering their senior pets.

On the organization’s Facebook page, one woman however, posted what may have been the heartbreaking truth about this situation:

“I too could never conceive giving up my little old man doxie or any pets. However, I do understand that situations are different for all people. After my mom retired well into her 70’s, I see first hand how it only takes one event to send you into financial crisis. And if you have no family or friends to lean on, I can understand the hopelessness someone might feel. A lot of the older generation is not used to assistance, this couple may be in need themselves, as they said in the note they are sick. I do hope they come forward, they have nothing to ashamed of. Besides saving just Harley, they too can be saved.”

If anyone recognizes this dog, please get in touch with Leave No Paws Behind, Inc.

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Meet Bo Jangles - he may not be physically perfect, but his beauty shine through. Can we find him a wonderful home?

Rescue Me Ohio

February 26, 2014

Bo Jangles is a one-year-old boxer mix who obviously didn’t get much care as a puppy because his legs have angular deformities leaving his back limbs four inches longer than his front legs.

According to the Humane Society of Preble County, Bo Jangles is ugly, but volunteers wholeheartedly disagree. A volunteer writes this about our lovely “underdog” of the day:

“Bo Jangles is a 1 year old male Boxer mix who has a huge desire to play, play play! Though he may not win the prize for the most handsome dog in the kennel, he sure will for being the happiest! Bo will benefit from a fenced yard and an owner who has the time to teach him proper manners.”

Read More and  Watch Video Here
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Help Tika Eat Without Pain

If  each  of  us  gives just  $1 it will go a  long  way  to  help this  poor  old  girl be pain free

13days left$50raised of $1,200 goal

Organizer: Sharon Kilby Beneficiary: Tika

A tender 11 year old Jack Russell Terrier x Chihuahua whose seal eyes break my heart as I know she is in pain

  • Fundraiser Details
  • Updates (3)
  • Supporters (2)
  • Comments

Tika came to me in need of a home as her previous heart breakingly couldn’t keep her. In September 2013, Tika had her physical which revealed that at some point she would need dental work.

Another heartbreak is that Tika’s previous owner who I kept in touch with suddenly passed away and I made a promise to keep Tika in good health.  I am on disability and that is a meager income. Unfortunately I don’t have insurance to cover the expenses of her surgery.

  • Tika needs about $1,200 to cover the high side of her surgery costs. It is expected she will have more than one extraction. Being a senior dog, she may take longer in recovery.
  • If her goal is not reached, what portion is reached will go towards her bill.Giving Tika this surgery will help her to be free of pain and discomfort . Your donations will make a substantial difference to her quality of life.

I want to help Tika,  but I don’t have any money to donate.

That’s okay! You can help in lots of other ways. You can send me suggestions for fundraising ideas and you can share Tika’s story with all of your friends.

Tell all your friends on Facebook/Twitter and Instagram. Share Tika’s story and hopefully people who can afford to contribute will do so. Let’s all help Tika eat without pain again.

Thank you so much for all of your support. xx

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