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At first glance, rescuers thought they were dealing with an aged chihuahua who had lost his teeth because of neglect. Tragically, the pooch has been rushed to the veterinarian on Saturday evening; his rescuers state this dog is less than two-years-old.

Rescuers believed tiny little Nemo has been badly abused and his teeth have been knocked out.

“Only a monster would knock the teeth out of a helpless little chihuahua,” stated Kathleen Godwin of Ithaca, New York. “It’s beyond horrible to think of what this poor little one must have suffered and the pain he must be in now.”


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According to San Antonio Pets Alive (SAPA), a senior Chihuahua is in dire need of emergency care at an animal control agency in Texas.

The non-profit organization shared the following information about the 9-year-old dog in need on Saturday:

This sweet ol’ guy just came in to ACS and he needs a hospice foster. He is a medical emergency. He will need to have his eye enucleated and SAPA will provide his medical care for a foster or adopter.

He is a sweet and gentle 9 yr old Chihuahua and he has been through hell and back and is very emaciated and has a painful Upper respiratory infection (like havinga bad cold). He is contagious to other pets for the next 7 to 10 days but he is so tiny and east to keep separated.

Chewy needs a warm space away from the others until he is feeling better. He weighs approx 8 lbs. This sweet little man just needs to be comfortable and loved for the short time he has left. Please email if you can help him.


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Idaho governor signs Ag Gag bill: Now illegal to investigate farm animal cruelty


Idaho governor signs Ag Gag bill: Now illegal to investigate farm animal cruelty YouTube/Mercy for Animals

March 1, 2014

In Boise, Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter signed into law Senate Bill 1337 on Friday; now making it illegal to do any undercover investigations at any of Idaho’s factory farms reports ABC News.

The controversial bill will now make it illegal to film inside of facilities or photograph any abusive activity involving farm animals including and not limited to the unsanitary handling of food products as well as environmental violations.

Idaho introduced the legislation after Mercy for Animals, an advocacy organization which has successfully investigated a number of egregious cruelty violations to farm animals and the mishandling of food on farms throughout the United States, conducted an undercover investigation on the Idaho dairy farm, Bettencourt Dairies.

A cruel and heartbreaking video showed workers beating cows, kicking them in the face, and dragging sick animals across concrete floors with chains around their necks. The video was turned over to law enforcement where criminal charges were brought against three of the workers. One worker has since pleaded guilty to animal cruelty.

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Saint Louis County Animal Care and Control
February 28, 2014

On Thursday, two juveniles in St. Louis County, Mo., were arrested after uploading a video to Facebook which showed a pit bull puppy being treated cruelly and today, there comes word of the young dog’s condition.

On Friday, the Saint Louis County Animal Care and Control posted the following update about the pup, who has been dubbed “Honor:”

Honor would like to say good morning and thank you to everyone that gave her a voice. She is doing great and still getting lots of love and attention. Honor would also like to thank Jamie Buehrle for giving her such an amazing new name and being so vigilant in her efforts to ensure her safety.

The animal control agency also stated:


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Meet Bo Jangles - he may not be physically perfect, but his beauty shine through. Can we find him a wonderful home?

Rescue Me Ohio

February 26, 2014

Bo Jangles is a one-year-old boxer mix who obviously didn’t get much care as a puppy because his legs have angular deformities leaving his back limbs four inches longer than his front legs.

According to the Humane Society of Preble County, Bo Jangles is ugly, but volunteers wholeheartedly disagree. A volunteer writes this about our lovely “underdog” of the day:

“Bo Jangles is a 1 year old male Boxer mix who has a huge desire to play, play play! Though he may not win the prize for the most handsome dog in the kennel, he sure will for being the happiest! Bo will benefit from a fenced yard and an owner who has the time to teach him proper manners.”

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Despite former-mayor Michael Bloomberg’s veto of a bill to have a city-wide animal abuse registry for New York, N.Y., the legislation has now been approved thanks to a unanimous vote by the New York City Council reported the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

Last Tuesday, the council-members voted to create an animal-abuse registry for all convicted animal abusers.

Convicted animal abusers will also be prohibited from owning or living with animals and if a convicted animal abuser fails to register, they could face misdemeanor charges and time behind bars.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund, which has been involved in the passing of this legislation since 2012, hopes that the registry will help to keep innocent animals out of the hands of convicted abusers.

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An incredibly sweet, specially-abled dog named “Rocky,” is in desperate need of help.

More Photos

The two-year-old boxer was seized by Miami Dade County Animal Services last week – while in the care of his former owners, his back was broken and left to heal on its own.

The break, and the lack of veterinary care, left Rocky completely paralyzed, and without feeling, in his rear legs.

The Florida rescue organization, Coastal Boxer Rescue, is desperately searching for someone who can help Rocky. The rescue agency shared the specifics about Rocky’s special needs:

We aren’t going to sugar coat this. This will require very dedicated caregivers. Rocky will need 24/7 care from loving owners. Yes, additional therapy may result in a better quality of life. But the reality is he will need special owners who are dedicated to him the remainder of his days.

The paralysis has left Rocky with no feeling in his rear legs and he is unable to urinate on his own. This hurdle can be overcome by someone who is willing to express his bladder several times each day. Rocky can eliminate waste, but is unable to move away from his “mess.”

Coastal Boxer Rescue realizes that their request for Rocky is large, but they know that he is worth it.

The rescue agency shared:

As far as his soul…Rocky is one of the sweetest dogs and doesn’t let any of this slow him down. He wants to badly play with the other dogs at our vets and just eats up any attention given to him. He deserved none of what has happened to him in his short life. Rocky has a super silly personality and just appears overjoyed the whole time you are working with him.

Rocky’s special needs are not conducive to boarding – he needs a special person who is willing to devote their time to make his life bearable.

Can you help?

Inquiries and offers to assist can be directed to:, or call 321-259-8492.

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Princess Louise dumped at construction site

February 22, 2014

Today, the pup who was dumped at a construction site in central California is known as “Princess Louise,” but yesterday, she was just another abandoned, unwanted cast-off of society.

Thanks to Facebook networking, this little princess has been saved.

The plea for help came on Friday afternoon with the following words issued to hundreds of people:

Puppy dumped at construction site, badly broken leg needs vet care asap. Person who found puppy at the site can not take dog home due to already taking 3 dogs that were dumped previously and is at max for household.

The response was swift…perfect strangers coordinated to pick up, meet and pass off – the rescue efforts necessary to save one precious soul’s life.

The latest update on “PL” reveals that she has been seen by a veterinarian and plans are in the works to guarantee a safe future:

Little PL will spend the night at the vet to watch her since she’s lethargic. The break is older, the leg is atrophied, growth plate is broken just above the knee, so there is nothing to reattach it to. amputation is a highly likely outcome. She also has a scratch on her eye that is going to be treated. BUT she will heal and go on to a forever home.

Anyone hoping to contribute to this little girl’s veterinary expenses can do so with the information below:

Donations can be called into Adobe Animal Hospital 4470 El Camino Real Los Altos, CA 94022 or call in 650-948-9661 under Carrie Colet “New dog” the name will be changed to Princess Louise.

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Truck loads of dogs seized from no-kill rescue agency in South Carolina

Dozens of dogs rescued from S.C. "rescue"

Getty Images
February 20, 2014

Approximately 100 animals have been seized from a self-described “no-kill’ rescue organization in Easley, S.C., reported Wednesday’s Fox Carolina News.

On Wednesday, Anderson County authorities executed a search warrant at the Golden S Rescue on Hamlin Road and the operator of the rescue organization, Debra Sheridan, was arrested and charged for ill treatment of animals.

Weeks ago, officials had visited the property and the owner was advised to improve the conditions for the animals; a return to the property revealed no improvements and the seizure commenced.

Anderson County sheriff’s Deputy Jerry Bruce told the Anderson Independent:

We found horrific, deplorable conditions,

The kinds of things that no one should have to live in.”

The dogs and cats rescued from the Golden S Rescue were taken in at the Anderson County PAWS facility, which has had to shut down for two days in order to handle the influx of animals.

On Thursday morning, Anderson County PAWS issued this notice on their Facebook page:

PAWS will be closed Thursday 2/21/14 and Friday 2/22/14.

Donations of supplies can be left at the front door.
We ask monetary donation be mailed to
1320 HWY 29 S
Anderson SC 29626

The problems at the South Carolina no-kill rescue agency are the latest in what appears to be a recurring problem with several so-called rescue agencies…just this February, hundreds of animals were rescued from a Bradenton, Fla., no-kill agency and less than a week ago, dozens of dogs were seized from a rescue agency in Tennessee.

Click here to watch news clip.


Deborah Lynn Sheridan, owner of the Golden S Rescue in Easley, S.C. was arrested on Thursday for the second time and charged with animal

Deborah Lynn Sheridan, owner of the Golden S Rescue in Easley, S.C. was arrested on Thursday for the second time and charged with animal cruelty and neglect of dogs reported

Conditions at the rescue, located on Hamlin Road, had not improved according to deputies. At least 40 to 60 of the dogs on the property were emaciated.

Two weeks ago, Sheridan was arrested for animal neglect of 11 dogs.

Anderson County’s PAWS has now taken in 119 dogs.

“PAWS WILL BE CLOSED THURSDAY AND FRIDAY DUE TO THE SURPLUS OF DOGS TAKEN IN TONIGHT!! Thank you for your support and understanding in advance!!

If you are interested in donating, our wish list can be found at:… Jessica Cwynar of AC PAWS: Anderson County PAWS Universal Wishlist for Jessica Cwynar of AC PAWS.”

Follow the updates on all of these dogs by clicking on the organization’s Facebook link.


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Posted: 02/12/2014 12:52 pm EST Updated: 02/12/2014 12:59 pm EST

When Gator the pit bull was taken from an Oklahoma animal shelter at the end of January, he weighed just 27 pounds.

“A dog his size should’ve weighed about 70 pounds. So he was really underweight,” said Ashley Hodges, who took in Gator as a foster.

The Healdton, Okla. animal shelter was shut down in January amid allegations that six puppies had frozen to death in bare enclosures during the coldest part of the winter.

Gator was suffering from heartworm when he was found, and his penis had frozen to the shelter’s floor, Hodges says.

“We were really lucky he doesn’t have any long-term problems because of that,” she said. “We are still trying to figure out how it happened ourselves, and yes, people are outraged.”

Here is Gator with Hodges’ nephew, shortly after she agreed to foster him.

Police chief Tim Woodruff, whose department was reportedly responsible for the animals at the shelter, has resigned following allegations of abusive conditions at the facility.

In 2011, Woodruff, then an officer, was commended for helping to rescue 13 dogs from drowning at the city pound.

The city has promised an investigation into claims that the Healdton police department left dogs in unheated enclosures in freezing weather, and failed to feed the animals in its care, even while bags of donated dog food sat unused.


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