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Published on Dec 7, 2013

NRC chief: Consider releasing contaminated water
The top US nuclear regulator says Japan should study discharging water containing radioactive tritium from Fukushima after diluting its contents.
The chairperson of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Allison Macfarlane, spoke with NHK in Tokyo on Friday.
She referred to the radioactive water building up at the disabled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Workers are decontaminating the water, but currently have no method of removing the tritium.
Macfarlane noted that the decision is up to Japan.
She said the issue is very complex with no silver bullet to solve it.

Highest radiation levels measured outside reactor
Tokyo Electric Power Company says radiation levels are extremely high in an area near a ventilation pipe at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.
TEPCO found radiation of 25 sieverts an hour on a duct, which connects reactor buildings and the 120-meter-tall ventilation pipe.
The estimated radiation level is the highest ever detected outside reactor buildings. People exposed to this level of radiation would die within 20 minutes.
The exhaust pipe in question was used to release radioactive gases following the outbreak of the accident 2 years ago.
TEPCO says radioactive substances could remain inside the pipes.

Japan’s Diet enacts state secrecy law
Lawmakers in Japan have approved a bill that gives the government the authority to designate certain official information as special secrets. The law will strictly penalize those who leak information.
Lawmakers in the ruling coalition used their majority in the Upper House to cut off debate on the secrecy bill.
Then they voted in favor of it.
The law gives senior government officials the authority to define information as ‘special secrets.’
That would include material related to defense, diplomacy, counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism.

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