AGreen Road Project AGreen Road Project

Published on Nov 15, 2013

via TEPCO is planning to remove the spent fuel rods from the spent fuel pool in Unit 4 at Fukushima Daiichi. Today’s video shows Arnie debunking TEPCO’s animated film point by point, and highlights the issues TEPCO will have removing the fuel rods. TEPCO needs to be removed as the organization overseeing the cleanup of the site prior to the removal of the fuel rods. They have basically been failing at everything they do since 3/11.

They have not found the 3 melted out coriums, and do not seem to even care to know.

They have been dumping 400 tons of highly radioactive water every day into the Pacific, with no plan on how to stop it.

They are caught in one lie after another, from day one until now..

Why would anyone want an organization that caused the biggest mega nuclear disaster and failure in history to also be the sole successful no bid, cost plus contractor that ‘cleans’ the mess up? In other words, they are being paid to FAIL and lie, over and over again, correct?

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